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  1. Selling  endgame chapter 57 account 1.1mil gbr weekly 2 awakened o/c

    - Region: 60xxx - Campaign Chapter 57. - Awaken Akashic and Kharimet. - 3 Awakened Angelas. Any questions pm
  2. Selling  Server 90xxx VIP 11 almost 12 $60

    Normal arena bp 22m Brawl arena 57m Blessing [hero] Level 392 The World Tree LV. 14 (Unicorn) 40 Heroes Awakened [Including: Lunox, Karihmet, 3 Valir, 2 Angelas] Campaign 55-30 Tower of babel 1065 Miracle Towers above 335th Shikigami Summoner Valir - Epic skin [MM] You Pay the fee Paypal: $75 $60