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  1. Selling high runes

    Hey - Selling a Sur Rune for 55$ Got ist , Gul , mal runes for sale also I am also selling sorc items Tal armor, Tal amulet, Shako, Ist'd Occy, War travs. Selling a 15-18 Sorc torch also
  2. S/B> Chung, Ciel, Add, Aisha stuff, Ereda Service, White Mass cape

    NA server selling: Ciel WM 5/5 (hangered) Chung ST 4/5 no hair (hangered) Chung 7W 5/5 (hangered) White Mass Cape Cube Ereda Service x1 buying: Add HoD 5/5 Aisha IBs/IMs (lf> Dear Little Bird - Full of Heart or whatever white/purple set is) Rena WM bow only paying in ED/KC jihye#0613
  3. Selling  [Elsword INT] Selling +10 amulets and Laby heart eyes

    Read: this is for Elsword INT Selling these items 25 USD per Laby heart eyes 45 USD per Lucky magic amulet +10 can accept payments through Paypal (other countries), Gcash (PH), Paymaya (PH) I can go for a middleman in game (you will pay for the fees), can go for reputable ones, gonna...
  4. Selling  [VoidEls] ED / +11 Amulet

    Out of ED for now will update
  5. +12 amulets,Elsword Ib's, PGG blade, etc.

    Message me on fb or add me on skype: seekingforthee Paypal is prefer, might take ED as well -Buyer Seals- +12 amulet (1 left) = $450 Gof combo 8/8 Elsword = $140 Mk-B 3/3 combo Els (sword,google,wing) ~120 PGG Blade Raven b.o:$70 PGG Sword Elboy + wing b.o:$100 Full AD Elsword...
  6. Selling  Hellfire Amulets [EU/SC/SEASON]

    Hi i want to offer my Hellfire Amulet service. If u are bored with farming keys, just add me on skype and ill open portals for You, and help You kill the bosses (I can solo them easily at T6 if You are not geared well). Upon kill them u will recive 4 components to craft Hellfire Amulet...
  7. Selling  Hellfire amulets sellout, unlimited stock, season/nonseason both eu and us servers

    Hellfire amulets sellout, unlimited stock, season/nonseason both eu and us servers NEW PRICING!! NO ACCOUNT SHARING, YOU FOLLOW US IN GAME! ALWAYS IN STOCK SERVER: EU / US NONSEASONAL PRICE - 0,35$ EACH AMULET 0,7$ PER GAME ON TORMENT VII (WE KILL BOSSES) OR 0,6$ PER SET OF MACHINES, IF...