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all welfare

  1. Buying  Looking for an account with all welfares.

    I want to buy an account having whole welfare. Please message me with pictures of your account and the price if you have one. I do not care about the num of SSRs or SRs. Thank you.
  2. SOLD  [JP] 2400+ Days Whale Account - All Welfares np5 with Insane CE + All Support!

    Selling/LF Offers for this INSANE account of mine. Currently using it personally and will continue to do so unless I find another account that fits the criteria I'm looking for or I can find a deal for the account I believe is fair. Servants: - 61 / 78 (wnp) +1 from the free 5 star selector...
  3. High end all welfare 48/70acc

    WTS NA 48/70WNP all welfare good CEs 1900+login totally many update/skill materials story end left some free quest 25 paid stone $300 discord:vsrotaa#2777 If you are interesting contact me or dm plz
  4. SOLD  NA account 46SSR(61wnp) NP3 Spishtar, NP3 S.Musashi & all support & welfare

    NA account 46SSR(61wnp) NP3 Spishtar + NP3 S. Musashi + More, Full Support & All Welfare + 200 Saint Quartz + Bday Unset NP lvls in album NP3 : Spishtar, S.Musashi, Vlad NP2 : Kama, S. Kiara, Altjuna, Merlin, Waver, Tamamo, Jeane D Arc, Artemis, Bradamante Full Support : Castoria, Merlin...
  5. SOLD  Year 1 NA 25 SSR (33 NP) endgame acc with complete welfares / $70 paypal fnf

    Selling lvl 149 FGO NA ACC well maintained story end game no fq NP 4 - Vlad; NP 2 - Eresh, archuria, tamamo caster, king hassan, melt all welfares complete, NP5 and max ascended including both mech elli many gacha ces and event ces (sumo, holy night supper, etc.) 21 max skill, 30 more lores...
  6. Selling  [NA] 35 SSR WNP + All welfare servants untill now

    I've been playing FGO since 2018 so I'm really tired of this game, payment only via Paypal. 29 SSR + 6 NP2 About 90% servant already max ascension Almost 5 star servant already 10/10/10 NP2: Xuanzang, Waver, Jack, Vlad III, Amakusa and Kingprotea Have all the welfare servants (since day one) 30...