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  1. Selling  Entire AJPW (Animal Jam Play Wild) member account with rares

    Account Highlights: ☆ 2x teal rare forest gauntlets ☆ 1x blackout spiked collar ☆ 1x double tail ☆ A ton of cool den items and some good dens ☆ Membership ☆ 2 dinosaur animals, a sheep and much more Price: $100 USD or £80 GB My Socials: ☆ Discord - Beanie | ★★★★★ | Pings ¯_(ツ)_/¯#3771 ☆...
  2. Buying  buying an AJPW account

    i'm looking for an account with a lot of animals, items and pets are a plus but not necessary. must have: red panda, flying fox, koala, skunk, sheep, or a combination of those animals a decent username (I don't really like numbers but will consider regardless) access to parent email and be able...
  3. Selling ajpw accounts with many sapphire items

    I have had a few ajpw accounts for years now and they have been no use to me for a long time. Each account has hundreds off dollars worth of sapphire dents, animals and more. I can't guarantee that there are rares on them. For example: My most used account has the otter, arctic wolf, snow...
  4. Selling  selling rare ajpw account

  5. Selling  Ajpw items! plus sapphires

    :coffee::giggle: Hii! I currently got my old ajpw acc back but I don't play it anymore! I wanna keep the acc for nostalgia, so I'm selling the items at least! I did spend a long time on it and have a few good sets here and there. Looking for money offers! need them gone, looking to get...
  6. AJPW Brain helmets

    I would like to purchase AJPW brain helmets, will pay $100 each. I will pay more for yellow brain helmet. Cheers! My email is [email protected] My instagram is: byzantinephilistine
  7. Selling AJPW/AJC acc w/betas

    Hello there! I am selling an old AJPW and AJC account from 2016! Included in Ajpw: •One month membership •loads of betas and old rims •Newer rare items and pets •15 animals and 2 dens •32,000+ gems and 18 Saphires Included with Ajc: •Den betas Galore •Old diamond spikes and rare spikes •TONS...
  8. Identity V account for ajpw

    Hi! I don’t really play identityv and looking to trade it or sell it for a good animal jam play wild with blackout collar and green forest gauntlets are a must have. !! contact me on my discord : Loki ★#2725 for more information on my identity v account.
  9. Selling AJPW account!

    ❌DISCLAIMER❌ WILL NOT BE GOING FIRST hello! I am selling my Ajpw account for PayPal money offers! These are some of the things on the account! I’m looking for 500$ CAD but can drop price if needed! Shoot me an email at [email protected] if interested!
  10. Trading  Animal Jam PW Account Swap: 22 Different animals including the Cougar!

    Hello! I’m looking for a AJPW account in trade for my own! My account includes 22 different animals, and 8 different dens! (Incuded in the image below!) I do not have many rares, however I have a plentiful amount of den items!(200+) I also have 6 different tunes including Ridgeside Retreat (The...
  11. Ajpw items

    Hello! I am selling some big Ajpw items for cheap! I’m in need of money and I don’t play anymore so im looking to get rid of this stuff! I take PayPal f&f only! Shoot me an email if interested! Everything is up for offers! Whatever you think is fair haha. You can offer for the whole list If you...