1. Selling  I sell old instagram accounts (2012 to 2016)

  2. Selling  NA acct. 59% WR, tons of prem ships, giving great deal

    i have been playing this game since beta almost. i am getting tired of WGs crap and am looking to sell. i have a ton of premium ships including ones no longer available. most of my stats are unicum and super unicum. most ship lines researched and purchased. i am giving a great deal for this. NOT...
  3. Selling  Mobile Strike -30 Biilion Acct for sale $250

    Selling My 30 billion power acct $250 State #204 Bola comes with but not limited too: Commander Lvl 63! Vip lvl 102! Tons of speedups! 49+ million Gold! 224 Billion Iron 207 Billion coin 197 Billion Stone 192 Billion Oil 156 Billion Food Feel free to ask any question
  4. Selling  K82 1.6bil power acct for sale $2500 OBO

    Over 1.6bil power acct for sale over 70mil kills.Account comes with 9bil stone11bil wood10bil ore6bil food3bil silver550days speed ups1mil gold VIP 9 almost lvl1024mil troops 6mil t3 mil on each regular and strategic 18mil T4 3mil on each troop.Gold battle, research and monster hero gear.March...