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  1. Selling  Maxed PKing acc, 125+13

    Maxed pking account 125+13 99att 99str 99range 99mage 99def 99hp 96pray Full melee, and ranger void sets, firecape, fighter torso, dragon defender, barrows gloves 94herb and 99summoning 195 quest points, 2044 total level
  2. Selling  OSRS Zerker pure, 99 STR, fire cape, torso

    Hello :) I'm looking to sell this account for osrs gp. You can see the stats in the screenshot. It has 55mil bank, which you can add into the buying price or buy the account without any gp, either is fine. Add my discord to offer or message: Matt#5424 I will not change the email first, so...
  3. OSRS ZERKER 99 STR, 200QP, F CAPE, B Gloves, F TORSO etc.

    Hello so I'm selling this great zerker wich have been dullying for a half year I think. It has great stats lacks only veng, done all mainly quests DT, MM Fremeniks, Lunar and etc. Was once banned for botting for 2 days but that's it, never botted again after that time. If you want any other...