1. Trading  4/7 Old Han, 4/7 Saber, 4/7 DM, evo 1 Obi RG

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for exile, old mace, or any decent offers on the following cards. 4/7 Old Han 4/7 Saber 4/7 Darth Maul Evo 1 Obi RG Chewie base Padme FT base Exile Base Send me a private message on this board with your account number and I will ally you in game and we can try to...
  2. Selling  For sale only. eod, Tfd and leia snipe.

    Would like to sell all 3 together if possible. 4/7 Leia Sniper sk40 - $110 4/7 Qgj Tfd - $110 4/7 Yoda Eod - $50 $260 for the 3. Offers on all or 1-2 will be viewed. Inbox only please. Or Line id: emuexorcist
  3. Selling  Vader the dark usurper 4/7 sk40

    Selling my new Vader the dark usurper *5 I emaxed from 4 bases 7 times and skilled to 40 right now I'm looking for offers for him email me for me to get in touch with you sooner at [email protected] for more negotiating.