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3500 elo

  1. SOLD  4000 Elo Faceit Account / Rio Golden Medal / Original Email

    Hey guys, I'm selling my personal faceit account. Account has rio gold medal. Account comes with original email address, but everything on mail is deleted, because It was my personal email for instagram and other stuff so it had private information. So I deleted everything on it. It doesn't have...
  2. SOLD  Faceit 10 lvl (3401 elo), 2017 year, Original Email, 1st Letter, Prime - 150$

    Faceit account 10 LVL (3401 ELO) Price: 150$ Original Email, First Letter, Rambler 703 matches, Member since 2017 year on faceit, 1.29 K/D, 2300+ hours in CS:GO, Prime status, CS:GO Medals 12 LVL Steam, 2012 Year Steam, CS:S, Left4Dead2, Portal 2, Garry's Mod, Dota2 5k hours...