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30 ssr

  1. SOLD  SALE | A5 Сha + A5 Seo + A5 Scythe +60 event pulls and more

    Account has optimized power & builds & resources for their stage of the game All monthly bundles purchased (daily growth, daily essence and new one with free SSR) A5 Cha + A3 Silver mane + Seo A5 + Choi A2 + Min A1 + Emma + Woo Jinchui A2 + Lee Bora Weapons: Plum A2+ Scythe A4 + Grimoire + The...
  2. SOLD  $80 NA 31ssr/33wNP skadi+dantes np2+MLB kaleid and more

    Yugakshetra early. Price: $80 Paypal F&F. For more info can PM me over here or in discord: Uxier#0526 Update: Got mordred too