1. SOLD  Myth lvl 150, Death lvl 150 & Storm lvl 121

    Account with Myth lvl 150, Death lvl 150, Storm lvl 121. with alot of crowns items bundles and exclusive items that can no longer be obtained in the game, pets pvp and pve, gear for pvp and pve, perma mounts as the mount piercing (2%), mount 4 sites and more, Undauntable Opal jewel (brace+...
  2. SOLD  $200 max life wizard, storm wizard, and fire wizard.

    selling a max fire and life wizard 1 account. a max storm on another account. both linked on a family account. max stats and everything message me on discord K1N5#7270 MIDDLEMAN REQUIRED
  3. Buying  Looking for a Wizard101 Account. Any school works

    Looking for ANY account -Looking for any offers -Will pay $120 for a Lvl 130 Life with full Jade gear and an Ultra healing pet! -If you have any lvl 130s, ill make you an offer! -IF areas/Worlds are bought with crowns AND its a high end account, it will be a bonus(will pay $100 if the account is...
  4. Selling  Multi char(S) account for sale over 15+ accounts

    15 plus accounts for sale any specific one you’d like I have from all classes and up to level 110 or more get them while they’re hot🔥KIK ME [email protected]
  5. High end 110 different accounts

    High end 110 accounts different accounts they’re still hot so message me while it’s still hot guys 🔥🔥message my kik at rod_1k_ price isn’t fixed so we can work something out
  6. Selling  Yul Ghost Sentinel 101 - Dual Othell Wind Rider 100

    Yul ghost sentinel 101 73% / dual othell wind rider 100 skills +10 (pinpoint shot +12) / skilss +7+9 +8 Shiny Shirt (3 skills: disparition - celestial - savage) Exalted lvl3 Pearl lv4 diamond lv3 Obsidian lv3 Talisman Desire Rudolph agathion Weapon with active reflect Accepting...
  7. Selling  Feoh Storm Screamer 101 / Iss with Mystic Immunity 99

    WTS on Ramona Feoh Storm Screamer 101 / Iss with Mystic Immunity 99 (with gear) Everything is shown on the photo. Full size : http://imgur.com/a/fGX2b Comment/PM offers.
  8. Selling  Characters (Yul 101 / Titan 99 / Feoh 100 / Yul 100 / Sos 99 / Iss 101) etc

    delete this pls
  9. Selling  Level 105 1.425m power s101 VIP 16

    All heroes are o2 or higher, 21k gems currently warhall 6 any specific questions please mail me. Can specify number of red 2 and red 1. All heroes thru December 2016 are 5* will take best offer on this. i have a much lower reserve in my head than the bin number
  10. Buying  Wizard101 Account : More info on the inside

    Looking to buy an account that meets these requirements, not a lot but these are needed in order for us to do business. Requirements: - Open Chat - No previous record And now onto the Character Requirements! 1 Character must meet these requirements: - Max level - Malistaire Robes or better -...
  11. Selling high end acc: Max storm, 50 ice, balance, death and 30 fire. Pvp ready

    Storm: Level 110 - Full malistaire gear -Energy gear -110 crown wand (Fortune teller wand) -Other crown wands -Amaranthine staff code wand -Flute wand -Crit and damage storm pet -100+ Evil magma peas for mega snacks -200+ Mega snacks -Mounts: -Frostfang tiger(Perm) -Caerbannog rabbit(Perm)...
  12. Selling  multi wizard account price debateable

    hello i am selling a level 71 storm wiz and a level 100 ice wizard, i havent played i about a month and have decided to sell my account. Skype: russell.pilbrow email: [email protected]
  13. SOLD  Level 101 Life Wizard [ TRUSTED - VERIFIED ]

    I am selling a level 101 Life wizard that has amazing damage and jade gear. This account has FULL darkmoore/malistaire gear and has all but the hood for the jade gear. It has 2 dark magic spells and 1 life shadow pip spell. This account has 4 mounts, one of them perm. This life can do MASSIVE...
  14. SOLD  LvL 100 Dwarf Shaman, 100 Human Warrior and 100 Orc Rogue + 1 month game time *50 EUR*

    LvL 100 Dwarf Shaman, 100 Human Warrior and 100 Orc Rogue + 1 month game time *50 EUR* Rare mount: Experiment 12-B (0.9% drop chance). Heirlooms: Got 98% of all heirlooms. a lot are upgraded to LvL 100 Game time: Active Shaman: http://[dead website]/anonymous-wow-armory-profile-326400.html...
  15. SOLD  [email protected]: Iss Hierophant Lv. 101 16Ap (~45%) / Dualclass: Othell Lv. 100 16Ap

    WTS account (server: CORE) MainClass: Iss Hierophant lv. 101 16AP (~45%) /DualClass: Othell lv. 100 16AP (clean toon w/o gear) DYE ISS: 3x Lv3 Legendary CON (CHA) DYE Othell: none Skill enchant ISS: Mostly all +10 except - mass transform, DM, sonatas&buffs Skill enchant OTHELL: Shadow...
  16. SOLD  Healer/feoh 16 Ap / 16Ap Lv. 100-101

    Healer lv. 100-101 16 ap ( main or dual ) Feoh ( any type ) lv. 100-101 16 ap ( main or dual ) Brooch lv 4 with: - Diamond Lv 4. - Sapphire Lv 4. - Obsidian Lv 4. - Others lv 3-4. - Important skills +10. - Exalted Quest lv. 2 or 3. -No need gear ONLY IN NAIA/SHILEN/CHRONOS/BARTZ SERVERS! I PAY...
  17. SOLD  Geared Exalted Death - many pets, 4 pages of mounts, etc.

    Gear: I have a few armor sets - Full Lv100 Greenwarden's Energetic set + Aphrodite Energy wand, athame, ring + Gardening/Fishing/Energy Dapper Corgi pet (gives +28 energy total; 8 from corgi, 20 from socketed jewel) = TOTAL ENERGY WITH SET: 221 Full Lv100 Jade Set + Rockstar Kicks (2%...
  18. Selling  Lvl 54 Boom Beach 732 VP + Lvl 101 TH9 MAX joint acct BEST OFFER

    Both account info listed below. Both for sale together as joint GC games. Email regarding best offer :) BB Base photo: COC Base photo: --------------------------- Selling Boom Beach acct, halfway through level 54. Name change available. Currently with 732 VP and easily able to push...
  19. Buying  Level 100 Wizard101 Account - Fire, Life, Storm, Ice, Contact

    I'm willing to buy the [TITLE] account for around $100.. Account must have open chat and no previous issues... Must have the master password too. Contact me on skype at: levandgray (I would prefer just skype contact.) I will need photos and a description of the account..... Thanks!
  20. Level 101 Sayha's Seer 16 Ap 100 Sub / Dark Set / Epic Gear / +12 Dark R99 Retri

    Level 101 Sayha's Seer 16 Ap 100 Sub / Dark Set / Epic Gear / +12 Dark R99 Retri Level 101 Sayha's Seer 16 Ap Sub 100 Feoh Storm Screamer Sayha's Seer All skills +10 with a bunch at +12/13/14 Desire Talisman Venir's Talisman Stage 11 Abundance lvl1 Talisman Aria's bracelet - Con Dyes = +10...
  21. BOUGHT  Selling Level 38 Balance Wizard: lots of pets, gear, and unlocked areas in Grub Guardian

    Selling Level 38 Balance Wizard: lots of pets, gear, and unlocked areas in Grub Guardian I stopped playing Wizard 101 a while ago, and wanted to get something out of the money I spent. I have lots of pets and crown items. I would like around 45-50 dollars, but i would be willing to negotiate...