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EpicNPC Trade Guardian

Trade Guardian is our automated middleman system that can be used for trading or selling.

Personal Middleman

  • MM will hold the item or account until payment is made.
  • Buyer pays the seller directly using any payment methods they choose.
  • After payment is confirmed, the MM will give the item/account to the buyer.
  • MM are long term EpicNPC members with an outstanding reputation.

selling with Bitcoins

  • Fully automated Bitcoin escrow service. A personal middleman is not needed.
  • Trade Guardian holds and secures the bitcoin payment from the buyer.
  • The seller then delivers the item to the buyer and once confirmed the seller can withdraw their earnings to Bitcoin or Paypal.
  • This system provides payment and item delivery guarantee since we hold the payment until the buyer confirms delivery.

trading with Credits

  • Fully automated credits trading. A personal middleman is not needed.
  • Credits can't be exchanged for real money, but can be used to trade with other members or in our store.
  • Using credits provides a safe and secure way for members to trade game accounts or items. Credit and item delivery guaranteed.
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More info about Trade Guardian

How Does It Work?

  • Create
    a transaction
  • Buyer deposits
  • Seller delivers item
  • Buyer confirms and releases payment
    to seller
  • Done!