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Zshadowstalker/sublime0392 SCAMMER/LIAR


Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
markee dragon name: Zshadowstalker/AIM name sublime0392 told me how he would honor level my warrior. Probably within hours of giving him info he spams anti-semetic and racial slurs in orgrimmar trade chat, giving my account a temporary suspension and also compromising it as well. He probably deleted/vendored/DE'd my gear as well, though I can get it back, his actions remain. Do not trust this person, he will refuse to give you a phone number, as he did to me, and will try to convince you he is legit because of his markee dragon feedback (Soon to have much more negatives). He has apparently no motive behind his actions, besides satisfying his pathetic craving for attention, the poor kid must have no friends. Thanks for reading.