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Zander is back lol careful guys


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zander987 (9:29:11 PM): Hey.
Ed2021X (9:29:20 PM): hi zander
zander987 returned at 9:29:20 PM.
zander987 (9:29:40 PM): Still selling the 75BLM/75SMN?
Ed2021X (9:29:43 PM): yeah
zander987 (9:29:49 PM): Lowered to $225?
Ed2021X (9:29:52 PM): ya
Ed2021X (9:29:57 PM): u could ebay it and get 375+
zander987 (9:30:12 PM): You still have as-is in the Markee listing? Nothing removed?
Ed2021X (9:30:18 PM): yup
zander987 (9:31:02 PM): Any chance you're looking to trade or just want to get rid of it?
Ed2021X (9:31:21 PM): if we trade were using Spar what do you got to offer?
zander987 (9:31:33 PM): You realize Spar scammed me, right?
Ed2021X (9:31:42 PM): when?
zander987 (9:31:44 PM): And theres no chance I'll ever use him again.
zander987 (9:31:59 PM): Let me get you the screenshot.
zander987 (9:32:25 PM): http://s38.photobucket.com/albums/e117/gametradersupreme/?action=view&current=sparscams.jpg
Ed2021X (9:33:01 PM): just shows POL ID and pw
Ed2021X (9:33:03 PM): ah
Ed2021X (9:33:04 PM): wow
zander987 (9:33:21 PM): Yeah, and it's happened to my friends too.
zander987 (9:34:39 PM): Either way, I have a 75RDM/75BLM/71WAR with 99.6 Clothcraft and full subs, CoP done, 30M on hand, full gear for RDM and BLM.
Ed2021X (9:34:56 PM): ah u were powerspadeade?
zander987 (9:35:03 PM): And I have a 75NIN/75SAM/75PLD with full gear for NIN and PLD, 4 mil on hand, just got Sea.
zander987 (9:35:11 PM): Yeah I just got that from her.
Ed2021X (9:37:20 PM): well i really wouldnt trade w/o a MM you had a bad rep for rumors of scamming so i geuss spar musta done it cuz you ripped one of his friends off thats what i'm assuming
zander987 (9:37:57 PM): lol, yeah right. He did it because he is a scammer. Everyone knows I am legit, that's practically a fact. I even moved off the forums and into eBay to prove it.
zander987 (9:38:03 PM): And now I have 54 positive feedback.
Ed2021X (9:40:29 PM): well then if we were to trade who would MM? i understand you improved your rep a lot lately
Ed2021X (9:40:31 PM): through ebay
zander987 (9:41:12 PM): I don't know, that was the only MM I used to use until that happened. Ever since then I just started trading at the same time and it hasn't gone bad since.
Ed2021X (9:42:34 PM): ive been scammed 3 times in the past year really don't wanna do this w/o using Spar, maybe you could use a different SN or something who else has spar scammed?
zander987 (9:43:30 PM): Two of my friends for equally good accounts... He only does it if it's worth it is the thing, and every account I trade is worth it. My one friend's name is BWYuko on AIM, dunno if he's on, the other doesn't use AIM tho.
zander987 (9:43:43 PM): He is a scammer man, I really can't risk using him and I don't see why you would.
Ed2021X (9:48:43 PM): hmm
zander987 (9:49:29 PM): The good thing about trading at the same time is that everyone is on equal ground.
Ed2021X (9:49:54 PM): if the info is wrong or its a blank acct its not equal groudn thats the problem
zander987 (9:50:16 PM): I can Fraps me logging into the account if that'd help
zander987 (9:50:22 PM): So you know its a real account.
Ed2021X (9:50:31 PM): alright
zander987 (9:50:53 PM): Let me try and download the program
Ed2021X (9:51:23 PM): well log into your acct and take a SS blocking out the name saying its you i geuss
Ed2021X (9:51:26 PM): fraps owuld take a while
zander987 (9:51:43 PM): So you want a screenshot of what?
Ed2021X (9:51:54 PM): the 99.6 CC
zander987 (9:52:00 PM): Which part I'm asking.
zander987 (9:52:04 PM): What screen?
Ed2021X (9:52:28 PM): the lvl of craft and its SJ's
zander987 (9:52:33 PM): Oh, ok
Ed2021X (9:53:09 PM): why did vanessa post you were powerspadeade? and it said zander is back hmm

ATTENTION (9:53:46 PM): File Transfer session initiated.
ATTENTION (9:54:04 PM): File transfer for img_0018.png is complete.
Ed2021X (9:55:49 PM): i wouldnt mind trading with you its ive been scammed 3 times this past year and the both information thing. what other middlemans out there i believe markee has some
Ed2021X (9:55:56 PM): not sure if they got some for Ffxi
zander987 (9:56:35 PM): If you can find me a legit one I wouldn't mind. My preference is to go at the same time, it has never been wrong for me... Both sides have an equal advantage there and we both know there is no shady third party involved.
Ed2021X (10:00:41 PM): i have a good rep and all on markee if you were to let me go first id give u my phone number and all i would give u a 75 pld on alexander for free as wekk
Ed2021X (10:00:43 PM): well
zander987 (10:01:13 PM): Hmm, how about this. You give me the 75PLD as collateral, I'll give you my account, then you give me yours, then I give you PLD back.
zander987 (10:02:38 PM): Or if you want I will call you and you can go first.
zander987 (10:02:53 PM): But I'm not OK with going first without some sort of collateral. Thats why same time is best.
Ed2021X (10:04:15 PM): all right lemme get my phone call me up and lets talk about what we should do
zander987 (10:04:29 PM): OK.
Ed2021X (10:05:31 PM): 1------------------
zander987 (10:05:47 PM): Calling
Ed2021X (10:14:47 PM): HBCT3083
Ed2021X (10:14:56 PM): 4wse
zander987 signed off at 10:18:59 PM.

using my other AIM name now yes i let my self get scammed but i have his personal info.
prazorZC: zander...
zander987: Hello?
prazorZC: u scammed the pld ;/
zander987: What?
prazorZC: < ed2021
prazorZC: i got ya number and such
zander987: Are you sure you hae the right person?
prazorZC: yes...
prazorZC: .i just talked to u on phone
zander987: Ed2000?
prazorZC: Ed2021x
zander987: You're Ed2021x?
prazorZC: yes zander
zander987: Thats what you [censored] get for scamming Sail.
zander987: You son of a [censored].
prazorZC: sail? o_O
zander987: Now you're playing dumb?
prazorZC: thats not playing dumb.
zander987: You got what you deserved you piece of [censored]... I cant believe you would scam him.

He someone is still using Markee but hey watch out guys
anyways u all take care and yes i let my self get scammed retradly but he got a BS [censored] outta it but this is for you all to watch out always use a middleman idc who you are if you say your legit or not just becareful /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif.


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hahaha Zander is a silly goose he says he scammed you because you scammed one of his friends!! HAHAHAHA What a retarded piece of ****... The reason Spar and I scammed him were because he stole the account from spars good good friend and he had scammed me in the past... he says it's diffrent and we are just blatent scammers/cohn artists what a piece of [censored]...zander get a real job


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Sorry for bump, did a search of my name and found alot of topics, I like this line tho
zander987 (9:43:30 PM): Two of my friends for equally good accounts... He only does it if it's worth it is the thing, and every account I trade is worth it. My one friend's name is BWYuko on AIM, dunno if he's on, the other doesn't use AIM tho.
Zander you steal from people daily and that is why I stole from you, You had my friends account ingame and I gave it back to him. I have never taken from anyone else and There is only proof of me doing it to you, here is your topic and your banned for a reason
I middle man for people because of people like you. I got my account stollen so I started doing it on burnersware, I have got alot of MM service from here aswell
Wat ever and I hope you are banned from here 100 times over because I hear about you scamming people still alot
Also to add in, I have done trades for krakens and speed belts and not cared, I am happy on my server and I don't need another char like how you say it.