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Yet another scammer


Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
I received a message on AIM this morning from ironmanz981 asking if I was still looking for a female paladin. We started talking about the account and I agreed to buy the account. I should have realized it was too good to be true right from the beginning. A lvl 60 paladin in full tier 2 for only $180. I sent the money to the paypal account kasra o ([email protected]).

He sent me the account information and I logged on to find no character on that server. I talked to him about it and he said it must have been on another account. Over the next two hours he 'tried to activate' his second acount. After about 30 minutes of not hearing from him, I filed a claim with paypal because I was worried he had just scammed me and took off. He came back on AIM saying that it turned out his brother had deleted the paladin off the account I did have but he would petition a GM and get her activated again. He said he would refund my money until he got everything sorted out. The only problem was since I have filed a claim, the money in his paypal account was frozen. Being naive, I cancelled the claim and waited for him to refund the money and petition the GM. I got bored of waiting for him to do it so I petitioned myself, and after about 2 more hours of waiting spoke with a GM. Apparently the character "Agrona" had never existed on that account on any server.

I told the seller this and he said he'd go get the other account information because it must be on the other one then. He never did come back. I went back to paypal and attempted to file a claim again on the money. Unfortunately, paypal does not allow you to file a second claim on an item after it has been closed. I phoned paypal to have an employee say there was nothing they could do. My husband took over for me at this point and talked to a supervisor who very kindly opened the claim back up for me. I saved my AIM logs and sent them into paypal as well.

Becareful of this guy. The entire ordeal was about 6 hours and was not fun at all; although it did teach me a lesson. I have to be a lot more careful in the future.

The name once again just so everyone knows who he is although I'm sure he'll just open up another paypal account.
AIM: ironmanz981
Paypal: kasra o ([email protected])