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xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx *sigh*

genecydex -banned

BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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Behold, scamming at it's very worst.

xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (10:49:06 AM): hey
GenecydeX (10:49:14 AM): hey
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (10:49:21 AM): u trading pally
GenecydeX (10:49:26 AM): aye
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (10:50:15 AM): well i got 2accounts with a 60hunter & 60 rouge and the other one is a 60 priest and 60 warrior
GenecydeX (10:50:49 AM): if there both in blue gear, im not really interested
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (10:51:36 AM): good gaer one ther hunter and rouge because i bought it off ebay for 500$ i got it for me b-day
GenecydeX (10:51:49 AM): what gear?
GenecydeX (10:51:52 AM): plz list
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (10:52:30 AM): the hunter has all tear2 and the rouge has 3 tear1 ND THE REST TEAR2
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (10:53:02 AM): whats ur gear
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (10:53:03 AM): ?
GenecydeX (10:53:08 AM): you know i can recall my account straight away if it was a scam
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (10:53:33 AM): well im sorry because im not the real owner so im not gonna trade anyways
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (10:53:41 AM): but i got jacked befor
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (10:53:51 AM): it sucks :*(
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (10:54:00 AM): but have a nice day bye
GenecydeX (10:54:09 AM): pretty bad scam dude
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (10:54:15 AM): lol
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (10:54:19 AM): no ur fuuny
GenecydeX (10:54:20 AM): work on it tho, you'll get there
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (10:54:33 AM): why would i trade with some that can recall and i cant
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (10:54:41 AM): think buddy and have a nice day
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx signed off at 10:55:17 AM.

Made my day tho. <3


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xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (2:26:14 PM): hey
UDR60 (2:26:25 PM): Hi
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (2:26:40 PM): u still trade priest
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (2:26:45 PM): i got a ud rouge
UDR60 (2:26:50 PM): Gear?
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (2:27:03 PM): full blood fang
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (2:27:19 PM): perditions blade and core hound tooth
UDR60 (2:27:43 PM): For that priest?!
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (2:27:59 PM): ya i love priest there my fav
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (2:28:02 PM): /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

UDR60 (2:28:13 PM): You gotta be kidding
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (2:28:42 PM): i want a fresh 60 priest
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (2:29:06 PM): because everyone wants a priest in there group
UDR60 (2:29:17 PM): Can you show ingame
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (2:30:23 PM): this is not my comp so i dont have wow but if u want in like 3days ill be at my house and then i can show u
UDR60 (2:30:34 PM): Ok
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (2:31:33 PM): ill let u play on him but u have to give me ur pass and account just so u dont rip me off because i got a account jacked already
UDR60 (2:31:48 PM): Well i cant do that
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (2:32:05 PM): ok then hit me up in 3day good luck trading it
UDR60 (2:32:38 PM): Ok
xXbLoWiNbLuNtSXx (2:32:38 PM): byyu

This made my day also /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smirk.gif