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xXAelonXx: oh
xXAelonXx: well i can get a cd key
xXAelonXx: friend has unused
[censored] U sai: if you can do that, it would be preffered.
[censored] U sai: yes my friends always have spare CD keys too.
xXAelonXx: no 1 got the game for x-mas but cant play it
xXAelonXx: no internet
xXAelonXx: lol
xXAelonXx: how do i know you wont like rip me or something tho?
[censored] U sai: no way to verify it
[censored] U sai: I have positive rep if that makes a difference.
xXAelonXx: true
xXAelonXx: would u be willing 2 change emails?
xXAelonXx: then i could see
xXAelonXx: and then give u info
xXAelonXx: then u give me sqa
[censored] U sai: no
[censored] U sai: give me CD key first
xXAelonXx: LOL
[censored] U sai: I verify it, it works
xXAelonXx: bye
[censored] U sai: then you get info
[censored] U sai: k
[censored] U sai: thats how its done btw..
[censored] U sai: no one is gonna hand you an account
xXAelonXx: [censored] that
[censored] U sai: k
[censored] U sai: bye

blocked from there.