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Xtoria-MarkeeName, Bambeedruid-AIM Name- Alleged Scammer


Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
Traded this guy a decked out troll warrior and a not so great 60 troll warrior. He gave me his druid account and hunter account. not to my surprise, I logged on after sleep for work and the druid account has been banned for being compromised and hes in the process of getting it back. What he DOESN'T KNOW is that theft, whether electronically or physically is a crime, and I had him log onto my home vent from his PC and I'm sitting on his IP address now. Going to forward this to blizzard, and all the other information I got from him, such as home address and real name. He may walk back with his druid, but the warrior is toast, you have exactl 12 hours to respond from the time of my post, otherwise I'm submitting all your info and I'll have your [censored] to the wall.