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xpassanger aka KADAJ former nwn mod scammer now


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This was my account that I shared with kadaj because he was my friend, well he [censored] me and sold my accoutn to this guy, thankefully I got my account back, but now this guy lost $500. Most of you remember me from back int he day, this was the last account I traded before I left here for good.
I have kadaj's homephone and adress for anyone who may need it
email [email protected]

PM09:58:57 chinesebrother55: hi
PM09:59:51 chinesebrother55: hi
PM10:01:35 chinesebrother55: hi
PM10:01:48 chinesebrother55: can i ask you question about the warlock account
PM10:02:06 chinesebrother55: do you still have that account
PM10:13:04 xpassenger123: yeah
PM10:13:05 xpassenger123: why
PM10:13:27 chinesebrother55: do you selling that warlock account in destromath
PM10:13:40 xpassenger123: yeah, I wanna sell it...but it wont be cheap
PM10:13:57 chinesebrother55: the one with full set of felheart right
PM10:15:44 xpassenger123: yes
PM10:15:46 xpassenger123: and staff of dom
PM10:15:49 xpassenger123: amongst other epics
PM10:15:58 chinesebrother55: how much is it
PM10:16:03 chinesebrother55: is that a undead
PM10:16:06 xpassenger123: yes
PM10:16:09 xpassenger123: how much you have?
PM10:16:19 chinesebrother55: you have to tell me the prize first
PM10:18:58 xpassenger123: My old set price was from 550-600
PM10:20:31 chinesebrother55: i think i can make 500 maxium
PM10:20:47 xpassenger123: alright ill take 500 right now if you want
PM10:21:15 chinesebrother55: so which pay method
PM10:21:28 xpassenger123: I would like to go through stormpay if possible
PM10:21:40 chinesebrother55: strompay?
PM10:21:46 chinesebrother55: is that same as paypal
PM10:23:00 xpassenger123: yes
PM10:23:02 xpassenger123: one sec
PM10:23:04 xpassenger123: ill get you link
PM10:23:19 chinesebrother55: i am doing the regsitration right now
PM10:24:53 xpassenger123: https://www.stormpay.com/
PM10:25:22 chinesebrother55: where you at how come your reply is slow
PM10:26:33 xpassenger123: I am playing cs scrim the same time I am talking to you
PM10:26:38 xpassenger123: sorry about that
PM10:26:40 xpassenger123: sign up there
PM10:26:46 chinesebrother55: is there any other way they do not accept free email
PM10:27:03 xpassenger123: Go make a email with aol
PM10:27:10 chinesebrother55: oh
PM10:27:24 xpassenger123: if you have one use it....
PM10:27:34 chinesebrother55: .....
PM10:27:45 chinesebrother55: i am making aol one now
PM10:28:13 xpassenger123: ok
PM10:33:44 xpassenger123: let me know when you can send the money through stormpay....ill be in game
PM10:34:09 chinesebrother55: i dont get it how does this work
PM10:34:33 chinesebrother55: after i send you the money you will give me the account right
PM10:35:29 xpassenger123: yes, you send the money once the transaction is confirmed and it says complete under statis I give you acct name and pw through here as well as secret word.
PM10:35:35 xpassenger123: Then its done. /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
PM10:36:10 xpassenger123: ?
PM10:36:26 chinesebrother55: how do i trust
PM10:36:28 chinesebrother55: you
PM10:36:35 chinesebrother55: i never done this before
PM10:36:42 chinesebrother55: before i goes to ebay
PM10:37:10 xpassenger123: YOu trust me by my rep I suppose...if you know me as kadaj on markee you know I do not scam
PM10:37:23 xpassenger123: Its pretty easy transaction
PM10:37:30 xpassenger123: just gotta back sure bother parties are honest
PM10:37:36 xpassenger123: and you seem legit
PM10:37:42 chinesebrother55: oh ok i login right now but i dont know how to send you
PM10:37:56 xpassenger123: Well you gotta add your credit card or debit card to acct
PM10:37:59 xpassenger123: then send through there
PM10:38:05 xpassenger123: send to [email protected]
PM10:38:13 xpassenger123: and let me know when it is sent
PM10:38:30 xpassenger123: same process as through paypal
PM10:38:34 chinesebrother55: is there anyway i can contract you
PM10:38:44 xpassenger123: contact me?
PM10:39:11 xpassenger123: contract? no, though the awesome thing with storm pay is everythign is succure
[censored] like that then you could report it and you would be refunded by them.
PM10:39:40 xpassenger123: but I am legit, so dont worry about it.
PM10:40:16 chinesebrother55: lol
PM10:41:00 xpassenger123: This is my last account to sell to...after this I am all out and done with wow for good. /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
PM10:41:40 chinesebrother55: well
PM10:41:51 chinesebrother55: how to i send you the money
PM10:42:28 xpassenger123: well if you have your card put on there, you go to make payment at the top
PM10:42:39 xpassenger123: then to single payment
PM10:43:04 chinesebrother55: ok
PM10:44:33 chinesebrother55: done
PM10:45:35 xpassenger123: [email protected] ?
PM10:45:41 xpassenger123: Did you send it to there?
PM10:45:47 chinesebrother55: wait
PM10:45:50 chinesebrother55: yeah i think so
PM10:46:05 chinesebrother55: check it right now
PM10:46:39 xpassenger123: Balance: $464.81
PM10:46:47 chinesebrother55: ????
PM10:47:05 xpassenger123: ohhh yeah it takes like 6% out for taxing..
PM10:47:18 chinesebrother55: .........
PM10:47:28 chinesebrother55: so........
PM10:47:51 xpassenger123: you sent me 500 but only came out to 464....so technecally you still owe me 30, but its all good you can get it me later,, ill get you account info
PM10:48:04 chinesebrother55: thx
PM10:48:18 chinesebrother55: i will send you 30 more in friday
PM10:48:48 xpassenger123: Ok man, I am trusting you
PM10:49:03 xpassenger123: The account name is xpert09 and the pw is p4ssw0rd123
PM10:49:04 chinesebrother55: me too
PM10:49:40 xpassenger123: call blizz tomarrow and have the email changed
PM10:50:09 chinesebrother55: the secret password
PM10:51:01 chinesebrother55: so how do i keep it safe
PM10:51:04 xpassenger123: it is Boston
PM10:51:08 xpassenger123: The secret pw
PM10:51:14 chinesebrother55: oh
PM10:51:15 xpassenger123: Just keep the pw down
PM10:51:20 chinesebrother55: where do you leave
PM10:51:20 xpassenger123: and change email
PM10:51:28 chinesebrother55: where you live
PM10:51:31 chinesebrother55: i live in la
PM10:51:33 chinesebrother55: LA
PM10:51:41 xpassenger123: please get that other 35 to me on friday if possible though really man
PM10:51:45 xpassenger123: I live in WA
PM10:51:57 chinesebrother55: ok i will
PM10:52:05 xpassenger123: thanx bro
PM10:52:05 chinesebrother55: you can call me if i forget
PM10:52:09 chinesebrother55: phonenumber kept private by me nemy
PM10:52:12 xpassenger123: okay awesome
PM10:52:25 chinesebrother55: 626 is area code
PM10:52:36 xpassenger123: who do I ask for
PM10:52:54 chinesebrother55: kevin
PM10:53:03 chinesebrother55: it is the phone in my room
PM10:54:01 xpassenger123: okay awesome. ill call ya then
PM10:54:07 xpassenger123: have fun with bandora
PM10:54:09 xpassenger123: /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif
PM10:54:22 chinesebrother55: ok thx bro


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I will not deny what I did. I know it was dishonest and unfair. But I needed the money desprately and I [censored] up. There is no excuse for it.

Though the trader is being refunded...and nemy is gettign here account back, so everything will be sorted out. I can promise that.

Though if I am now concidered a scammer, or my rep is [censored]. Then I deserve no less...

I'm sorry markee....