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WTT/WTS account (Soldier & Engie) and WTS Non Drop Transfers


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Hello Everyone

I have an AO account I want to trade/sell (bored of the toons) and I also I have a method in transfering non drop items and armor.

Main Character: Level 220/20+ Soldier/Solitus Male

- 2500 Token Board
- 19 IPR
- Full set of Combined Commandos (Depends on trade, might keep)
- D chest (Depends on trade, might keep)
- Beast Soldier Star
- Beast Sleeve
- Beast Pants
- Burden of Competence
- 4 Zod NCU's
- THN Str/Sta Belt
- Gemini Crit Hud Item
- Globe of Clarity
- All the Garden Keys
- Inferno Ring
- Very high QL symbiants
- QL 290 VE
- Sets of Arul Bracers
- All the awesome Soldier Guns
- Full Tier 3 armor
- Full Azure armor
- Midnight of the Revant

Alt Character: 218+/16+ Engineer/ Solitus Male

- 1k Token Board
- Beast Sleeve
- Beast Pads
- Libra 125 ncu
- Full set Tier 3 armor
- Decent Symbiants
- Midnight of the Revant
- Arul Bracers
- AI Belt
- 17 IPR
- Engineer isn't tradeskills based but have lots IPR to do whatever you want with him

Those are the basic items and equipment that stands out on my account, there is more items that I never listed, too much to list.

What I am looking for as a trade is a nice or equally equipped 217+ Male agent OR 217 + Male martial artist. I started leveling a agent on a seperate account, but I don't have the time to re-grind and re-camp a new character, so a nice trade would be great.

Or I would be willing to sell the character without the d chest and alien armor for $500, with everything, you would ahve to contact me and give me an offer.

NON DROP TRANSFER TRICK: I have a method that I use to be able to transfer non drop items or equipment. I have been doing this trick for 3.5 years now and it seems its still hasn't been fixed yet, and my characters haven't been banned yet. I don't know if anyone else knows this trick, but I haven't told no one as of yet. But I am willing to trade the NON DROP Trade trick to 1 person (cause I don't wanna tell to much people to avoid it being patched). But I am willing to trade it for a Robust Backpack only, or enough credits to buy one. I will only give this out to one person, so first come first serve.

Thank you for reading my LONNNG post, you can contact me at my bottom e-mail/msn messenger, Thank you.

[email protected]