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WTT: Really Nice GW Account for WoW


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Hi there,

I want to trade my Guild Wars Account (All 3 Collectors Editions, some special Minnipets, lots of good equip, only 3 20 atm :/ and all 3 Preorder Boxes [Nightfall, Factions, Eye of the North]) including (if you want them) all 3 CE Boxes, and i throw in my Eye of the North key, as soon as i recieve it.

I want a WoW Account, with at last one LvL 70 Char, on an Europe Realm (Ger preffered)

you may contyct me via ICQ:

218 565 529

*but* after some bad experience with scammers, i expect that we hand our phone numbers to each other, and at last have a short speak, to enshure everything is allright.