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WTT Great account 20's+ all expansions for US WOW Transferable


Account Disabled
Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
Bascially I want a US WoW (PvE) account MUST have transfer available or be on Silvermoon /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif. Also I only want a female alliance character. Will consider any class- But really interested in Priest or Hunter. 60 only! Would prefer to have epic mount, also some epic gear but it's not a must...I'd take a priest w/o any over others most likely though. Also I'd like to see it in game before trade.

My Guild Wars Account has:
Origional+Factions +Nightfall Really great account, has basically everything you need to have fun!

On it is the following (All Female, and one extra slot included):

*20 Monk/Nec
15k Elite Sunspear dyed black
15k Ascetics- with -75 runes for 55 set has all needed elite skills for this spec also. Has access to UW to farm too!
1.5k Kurz dyed white
Green weapons staff/wand offhand, has all weapons needed for 55ing.
She also has the Necro hero that comes with nightfall quest, he's set up as MM with green staff. She has been my main character on the account.

*20 Assasin/Monk with 1.5k Exotic dyed black
Green daggers

*20 Warrior Monk 15k armor, green victos axe and green factions shield.

*20 Ritualist/Monk Gold Max Staff, 1.5k Exotic Armor

*19 (almost 20), Dervish/Monk- 15k Armor, Max gold weapon, also has elites such as Avatar of Dwana and Melandru (buffed illusion of the god(s) with stat buff ect). Has quite a few heroes also lvld up.

*16 Mesmer/Nec with THREE sets of 15k armor, green staff

*11 Ranger/Monk 15k armor, green bow

Have about 15plat on the account and I can include a guild with a hall and cape also if interested in that. A mini Varesh pet comes with it. Monk has halloween jack-o-lantern head peice from event with a few halloween items. A few green/gold items across the account to sell as well.

I'm also origional owner of account- all three expansions over 150$ worth! If you have any questions feel free to ask but please keep in mind what I want for a trade. Thanks! EMAIL me offers/questions- I only get on aim to talk when someone asks via email =)

Edit: Also I can throw in a CoV account in also if interested as a little bonus. It was played for a week so just low lvl/blank account with key.

Pic included below: