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WTT EU Epic Druid and 60 Warrior


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Hi, I have posted this before but I just thought id do it again:

I would like to trade my 12Piece epic [Healing Specc'd] Nightelf Male Druid with +-400Spell damage. He also has got an epic mount and has Enchanting and Tailoring.

On the same account there is a 60 Warrior, with average gear, nothing fancy. The druid is the main focus.

Id like to trade it for almost anything with equal gear, its a plus if the character is horde, and another plus if its a caster (Lock, Mage, Shadowpriest etc.) or hunter. Id have a problem if its melee based, as I have great lagg most of the time, but still, give me a try. U never know ^^

add me on aim: armthedarK
add me on MsN: [email protected]
(or just email me)

Thanks, Armand

I do have Secret Question and Answer.