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WTT 60 warrior with epics and 41 priest (us servers) for eu


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I have a 60 warrior with epics on us RP server his gear is as follows

enchanted thorium helm + Dark iron helm
Valor shoulders + dark iron shoulders
Ornate adamantium breastplate + breastplate of valor
legplates of might (epic tier 1) + valor legs + enchanted thorium legs
bracers of might (epic tier 1) + bracers of valor
Gauntlets of might(epic tier 1) + valor
belt of valor
Quel serrar (epic 1h sword excellent sword for tanking)
Drillborer disk (epic) + drac deflector
Blastershot launcher (epic gun)
Earthshaker (epic 2h mace)
unbuffed fr is at 144
Arcanite reaper
epic mount
and more

Priest is poorly geared due to i don't play it much

both are in a guild doing BWL and warrior is keyed for all instances.

Looking for a eu account no mages please

contact me at [email protected]


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Hello, i´m interested to buy/sell some accounts preferably for anything on EU servers. I have some accounts that can be sell and i´m interested to buy lvl 70 full epic chars. Just ask me priv msg or via msn [email protected].