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WTT 60 Priest, 58 Rogue and some more alts for Stormreaver alliance


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Hi, my account has some characters:
All these Characters are on Vashj: Horde side.

60 UD Priest with some healing gear but mostly +dmg PvP gear. All blues.
Epic mount
300 mining and 300 Engineering

58 UD Rogue
Normal Mount
Mostly blue items, has some greens.
200 Herbalism (for Fadeleaf)
300 First Aid

44 Tauren Warrior
Normal Mount
Epic lvl 39 Sword "Destiny"

And I have some more lvl 20-40 alts.

Id like to trade for an Alliance account on Stormreaver, I prefer a Warlock/Rogue/Warrior.

Post your AIM/MSN and we will discuss about it /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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Hello, i´m interested to buy/sell some accounts preferably for anything on EU servers. I have some accounts that can be sell and i´m interested to buy lvl 70 full epic chars. Just ask me priv msg or via msn [email protected].