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WTT 60 EPIC Druid (EU) .pic inside.


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i have a 20+ BoP Raid Epic druid - Tauren Male
EU PvP Server
Respected Member of a BWL/AQ40 Guild.

7/8 Cenarion
3/8 Stormrage
ZG Chest
tons of other great items.

looking to trade for a Rogue, Warrior, Mage. with similar items. EU or US is fine. may consider other classes.

ps. can play EU on US verison of the game.. i live in US and play EU and US

aim - chevyzazimiz

msn - [email protected]


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Hello, i´m interested to buy/sell some accounts preferably for anything on EU servers. I have some accounts that can be sell and i´m interested to buy lvl 70 full epic chars. Just ask me priv msg or via msn [email protected].