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WTT 57 Horde Druid


Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
Level 57 Druid Horde (1/2 way to 58)
Server: Illidan
Senior Sergeant
His gear is pretty good, 3 pieces of Wildheart, and has been well enough liked by the community, and needed, to find end-game instance groups since 55/56, so he's not that bad. He's feral spec'd, so soloing is pretty easy. He's at 180 gold, with 135 more owed to him (I'll give ya the name of the guy if we trade). He also is promised by a good in-game friend, an end-game feral set when I hit 60, not 100% sure of what it is, but it's a leatherworker set with very high crit rate. I'll give ya the name of the guy if we trade. Right now, I've got pretty good gear, all blues I believe. Any other info you want, PM me.

All I want is a different character, 50-60, geared however (as long as it's within reason). I'd prefer a priest, or a warrior, but I'll take anything apart from a shaman, any server as well, but Illidan would be nice.

Leave a message on Army ranger8823 (AIM) if you're interested, if I'm away, I'll send a message back as soon as I get back. Or just post here, of course.