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WTS: WoW Account Rogue (60 H) EU


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Hi all,

Thats the main Char (the 60 Rogue), there is a 32 Warlock too (stripped)

I have the TBC Key (Classic key is lost sorry)
Email is my Email so i can change it too

The Account Holder name can be changed to yours

Collectors edition is on the Account (Burning crusade) and i send you the stuff necesarry to unlock the Pets

Xfer is up on all chars

i hand you my mobile number and street adress during the Trade so you will have something in your hands /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

What i want for it are ~44€ in Services on my other Account

i need it to be:

Unfrozen (there was a chargeback, so it can ONLY be done by Credit Card)

I need some gametime on it (1 Month would be enough, but if you preffer to add an Gametime key for savety reasons that would be ok too)

and i need an Xfer payd for

thats my offer and it wont last too long (else i can level up a new char on the target server :p )

ICQ:450 476 269
AIM: Fastfire2324
MSN:[email protected]