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WTS or WTT End Game Anarchy Online Account + Bonus Account


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I'm looking to sell or trade my Anarchy Online account for a high level Eve account. Some details about my AO account:

Account is on Atlantean or RK1, the big server.

Main character is a level 220 Enforcer with almost every item in game. This character is over 4 years old and well respected around the server. He's wearing full alien/beast armor. The items alone on this character are worth billions.

All expansions are activated on this account, membership to all the main raid bots and is usually the kill team tank w/ over 45k hitpoints. I could liquidate this account of all assets and sell the credits for over $1500, but most of the best items are "nodrop" which can't be sold that have been earned over the past 4+ years.

This account also comes with many pvp alts lvl 100-175 along with a couple 180-205 characters. All characters are intact and unstripped, fully decked out and ready for play. The enforcer's bank assets alone could re-outfit the other 7 characters "again" easily.

This monster of an account is for sale and would also come with a 2nd account as a bonus. Together the items that have been earned on these accounts would total over $2000 if liquidated to the credit buyers, but a great set of accounts would be stripped down to nothing and lost. The benefit of buying this account would be missing the Endless Grinding to level up an end game character. With both accounts combined, you'll have at least 1 character of every profession. All characters are ready to play and fully decked out in the best gear they can wear!

This is a serious set of accounts that have years of ingame playtime clocked. The enforcer alone has over 251 days of active "play" time on the server. That's like playing non-stop for over 2/3's of a year aquiring billions and almost every item in game. Don't forget the other 15 characters!!

My asking price for the 2 accounts is $800 flat.

This is a serious set of accounts for the serious gamer.

2nd Option: I would trade these accounts for a very high level Eve Account or two. The second could be a support alt.

Req's on the Eve account:

Non-Pirate, well respected player with good standings around the server with npc corps, player corps and alliances.

I'm looking for an all around great character. Good combat skills w/ T2 guns/mods/ships for logistics, covert ops, etc. Good industry skills w/ high lvl R&D agents, hulk exhumer capability or at least mining barge 5. A nice BPO bank would be nice as well, possibly with T2 mods. Ability to fly and possession of capitol ships like a carrier and dreadnaught.

The Eve account would be comparable to my AO accounts, relating to the "assets and skills" also the "time" it has taken to build up an account like this. So a 50-60M+ skillpoint character minimum would be sought for exchange.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this post.

Please contact me to discuss any possible sale or trade.
*Only interested in a high level Eve account for trade"