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WTS - FFXI - PLD75, WAR62 - End Game Account


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After 4 years, I have almost completed this game and my career needing more attention then before, I am offering my account on FFXI.

I am posting here all interesting information except the name and the server of the character, that I will revealed only to the person who will message me privately with a decent offer.

The main Character of the account is a Galka. His main job is Paladin and secondary job is Warrior 62. For these, I have levelled many sub jobs as: THF45, RNG41, NIN37, MNK37 and SAM37, all high enough for a none-gimp end-game Tank/DD.

Stats: Rank 10 from Windurst
CoP completed (sea access and rajas ring acquired)
ZM completed (sky access and supanomimi earring acquired)
ToA 16 (updated missions)
Mercenary rank: Lance Corporal ( I am one of the rare North American to be that high)
All region and transportation access ( all teleport points, airship pass etc)
Dynamis Windy and Sandy flag.

Equipment & Gils:

I spent around 60M trough the years on my Galka, and now it must be worth about 45M total. I don’t currently have a lot of free Gils, because I just equipped my godly War to be good till 75. To give some items names that i have: Serket ring, gigant mantle, hades+1 earring, terra staff, ether ring, potent belt, chivalrous chain, all adamant suit, amemet mantle+1, martial anelace etc... On the non-tradable side: joyeuse, supanomimi, rajas ring, koenig shcaller, valor gloves, war artifact feet, bomb queen ring, optical hat, walahra turban and many more.

These represent a couple of thousands of hours of work.

If you go check on IGE affiliated website, you will see these kinds of accounts going for over 600$US, but that is because they are rubbers. I am not asking 600, but of course, it has to be something not too far from it, if you believe you offer is honest, sends me a PM.