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Buying wtb EU tbc s1 or s2 gladiator mage. Paying up to 2k euro.

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Hi there!
As my threattitle sais, i am willing to pay 2k euro for a s1 or s2 tbc glad mage.
Here are the requirements:
-EU PvP Server
-Gladiator (s1 or s2 Netherdrake)
-Mage (Warlock is possible too if the account is in superb condition)
-Alliance (Prefer Human over Gnome)
-Battle.net id has to be changed to my id (if it is an existing account - so the account needs an obvious fake name)
if you are a booster - you can create an account with my id and boost a human mage to glad s2, paying the same money ofc.

so short said: I want an account with my ID as battle.net holder. If you can provide that to me - i will pay up to 2000 euro!
Scammers don´t even try - i have a lot of experience.

I can pay the middleman if somebody is able to sell me an account or boosts me for that money.
contact me via npcchat.
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