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WTB a FFXI account on shiva server, Mage wanted (posted same thing on main)


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Hi, as title says im looking to buy a FFXI account on the shiva server, I would like a Mage character, either WHM,BLM,RDM. Im generally looking for lvls 55-60+, I have a budget and will be paying though paypal (verified member), the most I can pay is 140$, so if you like that kinda price send me a message on the forums or contact me by email at: [email protected] (also MSN address)

I also have two account for sale or trade, one on guild wars contains 4 characters 2 pvp 2 pve, 15k armour all skills unlocked veteran reward etc... the other account i wanna sell is on RF online, spirit server accretia, lvl 44 assualter. These two accounts are if anyone is interested but im mainly looking for the FFXI account.