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wowtrder784 scammer


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Banned - failed to resolve scam thread - http://vbforums.mmobay.net/scammers/407058-scammer-blackmeth-levalon-aim-oursmithfamily05.html
ok so a buddy of mine sent me a im.. with this info

EaglesGuyFly [1:14 P.M.]: hey
TjAndJessplus1 [1:14 P.M.]: hey little bud

EaglesGuyFly [1:14 P.M.]: wowtrader784 is a scmmer post this on markee
TjAndJessplus1 [1:14 P.M.]: aight

EaglesGuyFly [1:17 P.M.]: EaglesGuyFly(1:01:19 PM):i am mm
EaglesGuyFly(1:01:25 PM):what are you trading binto
WoWTrader7842(1:01:30 PM):a warr
EaglesGuyFly(1:01:41 PM):what he giving you
EaglesGuyFly(1:01:44 PM):you both has sa's?
WoWTrader7842(1:01:55 PM):ya
WoWTrader7842(1:02:04 PM):u his freind?
EaglesGuyFly(1:02:09 PM):you orig owner and he orig owner
WoWTrader7842(1:02:17 PM):ya
EaglesGuyFly(1:02:20 PM):no not really i have mm'd for him before 2 times
WoWTrader7842(1:02:42 PM):eek:ok well my name is curt04lan his?
EaglesGuyFly(1:02:52 PM):do what
EaglesGuyFly(1:02:57 PM):your login?
EaglesGuyFly(1:02:59 PM):you man
EaglesGuyFly(1:03:00 PM):mean
WoWTrader7842(1:03:14 PM):wait what?
EaglesGuyFly(1:03:19 PM):i am checking his info hold on

EaglesGuyFly [1:17 P.M.]: WoWTrader7842(1:03:23 PM):k
EaglesGuyFly(1:03:24 PM):i am chekcing his login and pass
WoWTrader7842(1:03:31 PM):does it work?
EaglesGuyFly(1:03:43 PM):still checing.. hold on lol
EaglesGuyFly(1:03:46 PM):takes time to load page
WoWTrader7842(1:03:52 PM):eek:k
EaglesGuyFly(1:04:08 PM):works.. now yours
WoWTrader7842(1:04:48 PM):dude u wnaa make a deal? im really rich and i really want his i account i will send u alot of money to u and let u share account with me if u give me his name and pass k?
EaglesGuyFly(1:05:06 PM):no
EaglesGuyFly(1:05:11 PM):i am a mm i have to be legit
WoWTrader7842(1:05:27 PM):no one will kno i will send u like 300 bucks
EaglesGuyFly(1:05:27 PM):why you want it so bad?
WoWTrader7842(1:05:36 PM):idk i like it
WoWTrader7842(1:05:42 PM):so plz


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LOL he tried to get me but failed miserably...

WoWTrader7842: so u want totrade? and u have sq/a and r u OO?
Misledsk8tr124: yea i do
WoWTrader7842: ok kool
Misledsk8tr124: but can u show ingame?
WoWTrader7842: ya 1 sec
WoWTrader7842: im at parents house atm and dont got WoW just remembered
Misledsk8tr124: ok can u show me later or perhaps tomorrow?
WoWTrader7842: no not getting back to collage for while just got home
Misledsk8tr124: when will u be back at college?
Misledsk8tr124: er whenever u can show me
WoWTrader7842: not for while i have this account though
Misledsk8tr124: if ur not gonna be able to play wow for awhile y and how would we be able to trade
WoWTrader7842: we trade then when i get nack i play
Misledsk8tr124: yea im sorry but its really suspicious that u cant show ingame
Misledsk8tr124: im not accusing u, im just sayin its kind of wierd that u have no proof that u hav the char and wanna trade it at a place where u dont hav WoW
WoWTrader7842: it might seem weird but i have the account bro
WoWTrader7842 signed off at 3:49:44 PM.