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Im Fitzy6868 he claimed he wanted to buy my Lock
so i was sending him info about the account.

Fitzy 6868: im trying to send u these screenshots
wowplayer43: i checked it out on paid character transfer
Fitzy 6868: o ok
wowplayer43: how come u coulnt retrieve pass?
Fitzy 6868: I couldnt retrieve S/A
Fitzy 6868: i dont even know what the S/Q is
wowplayer43: says: city of birth
Fitzy 6868: hmm
Fitzy 6868: I know what it is
wowplayer43: so what is it ?
Fitzy 6868: I tell you after payment
wowplayer43: huh
wowplayer43: i want it know so i know u cant rip me off :s
Fitzy 6868: Your buying the account over paypal correct?
wowplayer43: yes
Fitzy 6868: I can't rip you off
Fitzy 6868: you can recall your payment
wowplayer43: that way i could rip u off?
Fitzy 6868: Yea
wowplayer43: lol, i thought pp was secure?
Fitzy 6868: Thats what happened to my Lineage 2 account
wowplayer43: lol
Fitzy 6868: Logout of the WoW Page
wowplayer43: ok
wowplayer43: so whats the sqa?
wowplayer43: sa*
Fitzy 6868: did you change my pass?
wowplayer43: nope
Fitzy 6868: why cant i login the wow page
wowplayer43: dunno :S
wowplayer43: whats the sa?
Fitzy 6868: wow
Fitzy 6868: you just changed my pass
wowplayer43: no i didnt :S
Fitzy 6868: Are you still logged in the WoW Page?
wowplayer43: yes , gonna logout now
Fitzy 6868: logged out?
wowplayer43: now
Fitzy 6868: pass is wrong
wowplayer43: huh
Fitzy 6868: are you kidding me
wowplayer43: yes.
wowplayer43: i changed it.
Fitzy 6868: your a scammer
wowplayer43: ye, thx :)
wowplayer43: you're
wowplayer43: *
wowplayer43: :)
Fitzy 6868: wow dude
Fitzy 6868: give me my account back
wowplayer43: erm.. lemme see.. NO?!
wowplayer43: gimme s/a first
Fitzy 6868: hey [censored], nt
wowplayer43: ?
Fitzy 6868: try logging in
wowplayer43: ?
Fitzy 6868: [censored] piece of [censored]
Fitzy 6868: you cant scam me

I never gave my S/A until after he'd made the payment which he never did.