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Wowisdashi - ...Sigh


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wowisdashi: hey
pbfreak111112: Hey
wowisdashi: can i see your warrior in game?
pbfreak111112: Yeah
wowisdashi: serv? and what should i make
pbfreak111112: Are you able to purchase the gold tonight?
wowisdashi: yes sir
pbfreak111112: malorne
pbfreak111112: gnome
wowisdashi: k
wowisdashi: making now
wowisdashi: name
wowisdashi: ?*
pbfreak111112: mankiller, talk ingame
pbfreak111112: logging in now
wowisdashi: k
wowisdashi: tell me wehn u get back
pbfreak111112: Im here
wowisdashi: k
wowisdashi: the only way that i could do it, is if i got SN/PW 1st, then the Secret info after u get the gold...if you cant do that i understand, but im sorry, thats the only way that i could do it
pbfreak111112: how about this, once I receive half ALL the info is yours, then you can send the rest
pbfreak111112: I have a vast majority of positive reputation built up on markee dragon, and unfortunately there are too many scammers thats why this is my final trade for some time
wowisdashi: what server u looking for the $ on?
wowisdashi: gold*
pbfreak111112: dentarg
wowisdashi: horde or alliance
pbfreak111112: alliance
wowisdashi: k, this is what ill have to do, tell me if u think this is ok
wowisdashi: i will get the 1500G sent to my char
wowisdashi: on that server
wowisdashi: then i will give u 750, then u give me info, then i give you the other 750 after
pbfreak111112: yeah, thats fine
wowisdashi: ok
wowisdashi: Dentarg ac right?
pbfreak111112: ac?
wowisdashi: alliance
pbfreak111112: yeah
wowisdashi: k, bring ur char to kargath
wowisdashi: i mean
wowisdashi: the gnome 2nd city
pbfreak111112: ironforge?
wowisdashi: no..umm...kharanos or something
pbfreak111112: oh
pbfreak111112: ok
wowisdashi: what website should i use to buy the Gold?
pbfreak111112: thsale
wowisdashi: whats ur char name?
pbfreak111112: waterjug, invite me, and talk ingame
pbfreak111112: got dcd
pbfreak111112: 1 sec
wowisdashi: k
wowisdashi: dude...
pbfreak111112: yeah?
wowisdashi: whyd u sign off..
pbfreak111112: Because it's just using memory
pbfreak111112: want me in?
pbfreak111112: Just tell me when you get the gold, and Ill login
pbfreak111112: Im alt tabbed anyway
wowisdashi: k
wowisdashi: k
wowisdashi: u can get on now, its ganna be less than 5mins
pbfreak111112: k
pbfreak111112: im in
wowisdashi: k commin in now
wowisdashi: k
wowisdashi: can i get info...i have no reason for 1500g on this server..so it would be a waist for me to have it...so can i get info, then ill give u all the gold..
pbfreak111112: ... wowisdashi: then i will give u 750, then u give me info, then i give you the other 750 after
wowisdashi: k
wowisdashi: get on wow
wowisdashi: k im here
wowisdashi: umm......
pbfreak111112: account name: SA: CD Key: Password :###########
wowisdashi: k, im ganna log off my warrior for 1sec to check it out
pbfreak111112: k
wowisdashi: wow....
wowisdashi: scam......
pbfreak111112: excuse me?
wowisdashi: the password or S/N is wrong
wowisdashi: screen name*
pbfreak111112: trying now
pbfreak111112: nice, you changed the pass
wowisdashi: lol
wowisdashi: w/e
wowisdashi: gg scam
wowisdashi: thats bs
pbfreak111112: sigh noob
pbfreak111112: I can recall
wowisdashi: woot 4 good rep on markee....i told u it was a scam...
wowisdashi: dude i diddnt change the PW
pbfreak111112: reported your char
pbfreak111112: for gold buying
pbfreak111112: lawl
wowisdashi: lol idk
wowisdashi: its not my accnt
pbfreak111112: gg...
wowisdashi: its 1 i was pwr lvling lol
pbfreak111112: well whosever it is
pbfreak111112: is getting bant
wowisdashi: lol i dont even know who it is
wowisdashi: so IDK
wowisdashi: and im just ganna recall $ from website
pbfreak111112: that's so low man
[censored] accoutn tomorrow
pbfreak111112: Since the email isnt mine
pbfreak111112: thanks [censored]
wowisdashi: LOL
wowisdashi: u scammed me
wowisdashi: u nub
pbfreak111112: wow, sad
pbfreak111112: /wrists
wowisdashi: LOL this is going on markee u scammer
pbfreak111112: good coverup [censored]
wowisdashi: lol for what???!?!?
wowisdashi: u gave me wrong info
pbfreak111112: I gave you the cd keys...
pbfreak111112: and that info is correct
[censored] me
wowisdashi: no its not
pbfreak111112: well not anymore
pbfreak111112: since you decided to change the password
wowisdashi: are u serious...
wowisdashi: lol
wowisdashi: wow....
wowisdashi: lol woot 4 pathalogical liar woot woot
pbfreak111112: go die in a fire irl, god assholes like you make me want to leave markee
wowisdashi: lol
wowisdashi: why do u think i scammed u
wowisdashi: u didnt even give me wright info
pbfreak111112: because my password's changed
wowisdashi: how did i scam u?
wowisdashi: it was suppost to be MY acocunt
pbfreak111112: I only have half the gold
wowisdashi: and u didnt give me wright info.
pbfreak111112: idiot
wowisdashi: right*
wowisdashi: so u said ud give RIGHT info @ 1/2 gold
wowisdashi: then id give 2nd 1/2
wowisdashi: ill still give u 2nd half
pbfreak111112: yeah
wowisdashi: if u give me RIGHT info..
[censored] info
pbfreak111112: and you change password
wowisdashi: LOL W/E
[censored] scammer
pbfreak111112: lamer
[censored] christ

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to add someone to list its you pbfreak you still wont give me back the dwarf paladin and touran warrior please give them back


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Um, let's see, I highly doubt your side of the story here, PB. Regardless of who scammed who, it sounds like WoWisdashi gave you 750g, and when the dust from your little "you scammed me, no you scammed me!" argument cleared you end up recalling the account. Correct?


In the end you make out with a recalled account and an extra 750gold and Wowisdashi with zilch, whether or not he DID change pw. Any logical person can see that you would benefit more from scamming, as you get free money at no expense and he would only get 750g saved while still having to pay you.

So, sorry to say, I back Wowisdashi on this one. I've also talked with him before and he seemed like an honest enough dude....


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Wowisdashi is a scammer, regardless.

He got that gold from me in trade for two of his "Accounts", which he recalled after the 2500gold had been transfered.

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<font color="black">Tell blizzard somone accessed your account and stole your money, you'll usually get your money back and the person that it was sent to will get banned. </font>