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OxilveO - Temp Ban

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Ok dude, I know your gonna read this... But man, try ruining my experience here and I'll take you right down with me...

PhawknRightDoggy: So, where do you get off calling me a scammer?
Xilve4real: you scammed my friend maybe?
PhawknRightDoggy: Please show me that I scammed you on paypal PLEASE
Xilve4real: ok
Xilve4real: i didnt say that u did
Xilve4real: its possibel
PhawknRightDoggy: yes you did
Xilve4real: and vry easy
Xilve4real: i said its ez -.-
Xilve4real: not that u did
PhawknRightDoggy: Told me im a 3rd rate paypal scammer
Xilve4real: yeah cuz it is
PhawknRightDoggy: Don't accuse me of somthing I diddn't do
Xilve4real: k wotever
PhawknRightDoggy: Next time you do, I will take your dumb infractions to the mod's or Make your markee life a living hell

He signed off after that... Anyways I don't like to be talked to like this, or being treated like you can actually do anything to me... I have done nothing wrong and you lying about scamming my CLOSE FRIEND is just a bunch of bs... Leave the forum please.