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Selling WoW BFA & Classic: Leveling | Mount Farming | Achievements | Custom Orders



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Please see all our 400+ positive feedbacks on our original thread on OwnedCore Forums.

We are a professional team of hardcore World of Warcraft gamers who decided to start their boosting career on 25-07-2014. Since then we’ve had more than 400 successful transactions with 100% positive feedbacks and satisfied customers. Our main focus is quality over quantity and the most important factor that we value is your account safety. We will never do anything to put the customer’s account in danger. This is the reason why we’ve never had a suspension after over 400 successfully boosted accounts. Most of our clients choose us not only because we will provide our services in a professionally manner but because they trust us with their account and they know it will be in good hands.

- Personal Assistant Service -
After more than 4 years of WoW boosting we are now offering the personal assistant service. With this type of service you can have your own personal assistant that will be playing your account at any time you like to perform farming / time effective tasks that you choose, so that you will be able to enjoy more of your gametime and spend less time on the things you don’t like in WoW such as farming, achievement grinding etc. This type of service can be customized for each client and it can include any type of WoW service. (e.g You can purchase 3 hours of gameplay each day for up to 7 days/week where our booster would perform any task you would like, such as achievement farming, grinding, world quests and the list goes on…)

Our services cover any area of World of Warcraft, such as, but not limited to:
  • Reputation Farm to Unlock Allied Races & Heritage Armor Unlock
  • 110-120 Power-Leveling & World Quests Unlock & War Campaign Completion
  • Warfronts & Island Expedition Services
  • Ready for Raiding Gear Boost (Fresh character boosted to ~ILVL 415)
  • Mount Farm (Few examples include: Invincible’s Reins, Mimiron’s Head, Ashes of Al’ar, Astral Cloud Serpent and any other mount available in-game)
  • Legendary & Rare Items Farm (Few examples include: Tusks of Mannoroth, Warglaives of Azzinoth, Thunderfury, Shadowmourne and any other legendary item available in-game)
  • Achievements Farm
  • PVP Farm
  • Pre-Order WoW Classic Services (Limited availability, contact us for more information)
  • Anything else just ask on Skype
And much..much..more! Please contact us for absolutely anything! We are highly specialized on custom orders.

An example for this type of service can include the following:

• The client purchases an amount of hours, in this case we’ll give an example of 3 hours/day from Monday-Friday for 4 weeks. This means our assigned person will be logging everyday from Monday to Friday for 3 hours up to 4 weeks, to complete the required tasks.
• If the tasks will be completed faster but the client purchased a bigger amount of hours, a refund will be given for the hours that are still left but no longer needed to complete the tasks. You will only be invoiced for the actual played hours, getting a refund for the remaining hours if we finish the order faster – in which most cases, we do. For example if You purchased 4 weeks of 3 hours/day but we will finish the job in 2 weeks by doing 3 hours/day, you will be given a refund for the remaining 2 weeks so you will be getting 50% of the paid amount back.
• Additionally, we are also able to provide Live Streaming while playing.

The standard price for this service is €12 EUR / $14 USD €6 EUR / $7 USD per Hour.

Accepted payment methods: PayPal

Add Skype: live:blackeyes_01_1

Add Discord: Blackeyes01#0008

I've been using this guy's services for almost two years now. He is trustworthy, reasonably priced and does excellent work. I highly recommend to anyone looking for this kind of boost. He's been doing custom work for me lately and keeps communication open. Great guy to be honest, glad I found this thread. Keep it up and I'll be in touch!
This guy I cant vouch for enough.. He is most trustworthy and helpful! I bought a legendary ring boost and everything was done while I could not be playing which made it all the more convenient. He answers everything so promptly and will answer any question you have for him! Seriously one of the few A-Grade dealers here!
Just like the guy above me I can't say enough good things about this service. Absolutely amazing. I bought a legendary ring boost and some mount farming. He even threw in free farming attempts for Invincible, and sure enough on his what I believe was first attempt he got it for me. Free of charge. Good lord I'm definitely getting some legion boosting from this guy. He's always available for questions and excellent at communication. I'm sticking with him for sure.

I plan on building a statue of this man in my home one day. All kidding aside he is truly terrific. If you are hesitant or a first time buyer for such services do not be alarmed at all. I was the same way. This is 100% legit and extremely rewarding.

Thanks again!
came back for another farming service! everything has been great so far. pure pleasure to make a deal with. highly recommended!
Providing an update on my order: they got tusks of mannoroth for me and got 2 more mounts to go. i also bought some hours and they are farming Argussian Reach reputation for me. outstanding service and very professionals
once again i come back to this guy for some achievement farming. been using his services for two weeks. he is the best out there for these kind of services and the communication is flawless, i get updates every day with screenshots. 10/10

For more feedbacks please scroll through all the pages in this thread.

By contacting us you’re accepting and agreeing to our Terms of Service (“TOS”).

Terms of Service:

1. We guarantee you 100% account safety for the period we will be playing on your account and we will NEVER use any bots/programs to enhance our services. We are only providing HAND-DONE services performed by players with over 9 years experience in World of Warcraft.
2. If you decide to sell your account/characters after you've purchased an order from us but the order was not yet completed, we will be able to refund only the amount for the hours that have not been completed yet (e.g If you bought 20 hours in a week but after we've done 10 hours you sold the account, we will be able to refund you the amount for the remaining 10 hours that will no longer be performed).
3. If you use any type of cheats/hacks/exploits outside of the boosting time we will not be held responsible in case of loss of your account. We will be able to provide a refund for the amount of hours not performed as mentioned in the clause above.

We reserve the right to modify our Terms of Service ("TOS") at any time.

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Ordered 90-100 boost + pvp 620, what can i say.. i have already used a few boosting teams but this guy tops it off ! fast ! friendly and great price ! you just can't get any better imo. 10/10

keep up the great work ;)


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i ordered a level 90-100 boost and the service was just amazing!! this guys have the best prices, the best customer support and they are super fast. im so amazed with the quality of the boost. don t hesitate to contact them because they are very professional with the best prices on the market. 10/10
thank u so much guys


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Ordered a 90-100 boost. I was sceptic at the beginning because the price is very low compare to others sellers, but after i saw his many goods reviews and because of a good transaction with him in the past, i decided to give it a try...

.. and i was right ! this person is simply amazing ! strong communication, always here to answer any questions including while boosting. I'm very happy for the 2nd time to deal with you

Thanks again


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Bought 90 - 100 + pvp gear. It took very little time, not even two days. Excellent service and seller. Awesome pricing also. You can't go wrong here.