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WoW account Scammer

Not Phone Verified
Multiple Accounts
Tried scamming me a very nice geared hunter for 350USD. heres convo

dkeygal (5:29:56 PM): did u need a wow acc?
Alderson94 (5:30:11 PM): yes i do
cdkeygal returned at 5:30:11 PM.
cdkeygal (5:30:14 PM): what did u ned
Alderson94 (5:30:16 PM): hunter
cdkeygal (5:30:22 PM): horde?
Alderson94 (5:30:41 PM): alliance
Alderson94 (5:30:44 PM): NE.
cdkeygal (5:30:48 PM): i have one
cdkeygal (5:30:49 PM): let me show u profile
Alderson94 (5:31:01 PM): ok
cdkeygal (5:31:46 PM): http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?1178613
cdkeygal (5:31:48 PM): let me know if intrested
Alderson94 (5:32:09 PM): how much?
cdkeygal (5:32:20 PM): give me a price range
Alderson94 (5:32:31 PM): well im not trying to spend alot
Alderson94 (5:32:36 PM): so like 400 max
cdkeygal (5:32:39 PM): wow o.o
cdkeygal (5:32:45 PM): nice number hehe
Alderson94 (5:32:47 PM): yeah
cdkeygal (5:32:48 PM): i did defenitleuy do 400 usd
Alderson94 (5:33:03 PM): is this your char?
cdkeygal (5:33:07 PM): ya i own it
cdkeygal (5:33:08 PM): but
cdkeygal (5:33:09 PM): selling casue
cdkeygal (5:33:14 PM): i am going to college and no time to play
cdkeygal (5:33:17 PM): u know , figured i cud make some $
Alderson94 (5:33:30 PM): yeah, hmm got any warriors or rogues?
cdkeygal (5:34:06 PM): nah just this hunter
cdkeygal (5:34:07 PM): i mean
cdkeygal (5:34:08 PM): i can do
cdkeygal (5:34:10 PM): 350 too
Alderson94 (5:34:31 PM): yeah, but i might spend some more like 5-600 on a rogue or warrior
cdkeygal (5:34:33 PM): just casue u said 400 i dun have to say 400
cdkeygal (5:34:34 PM): lol
cdkeygal (5:34:40 PM): my price is 350 usd i can do that
Alderson94 (5:34:47 PM): what server he on?
cdkeygal (5:34:56 PM): blackrock PVP , trasnferable, havn;t been used it
Alderson94 (5:35:02 PM): can u show me him?
cdkeygal (5:35:13 PM): let me check if i got in game time
cdkeygal (5:35:58 PM): hm i just checked i dun have any time but if your worried if i am legit or not i cud show ebay rep to prove it.
Alderson94 (5:36:45 PM): on second thoughts, id like a hunter
Alderson94 (5:36:49 PM): er rogue/warrior
cdkeygal (5:37:01 PM): i havee a rogue
cdkeygal (5:37:03 PM): but his human
cdkeygal (5:37:05 PM): is that fine
cdkeygal (5:37:12 PM): on the same account
Alderson94 (5:37:12 PM): yeah
Alderson94 (5:37:16 PM): show gear?
cdkeygal (5:37:20 PM): let me get profile
cdkeygal (5:37:45 PM): http://wow.allakhazam.com/profile.html?201001
cdkeygal (5:37:46 PM): okay gear
cdkeygal (5:37:48 PM): hunters better
Alderson94 (5:39:05 PM): they in same guild too, because i dont like having 2 chars in 2 diff guilds
cdkeygal (5:39:32 PM): yup
Alderson94 (5:39:44 PM): what are the chars names, i dont think ill transfer
cdkeygal (5:39:54 PM): caldrin
cdkeygal (5:39:55 PM): and
cdkeygal (5:40:07 PM): carny
Alderson94 (5:40:29 PM): hmm, so no warrior?
Alderson94 (5:41:03 PM): btw, what ranks are they in PvP cause i like to PvP
cdkeygal (5:41:32 PM): rogues knight
cdkeygal (5:41:46 PM): hunters blood guard
Alderson94 (5:41:53 PM): hunter is NE...
Alderson94 (5:42:29 PM): how can he be blood guard..
cdkeygal (5:43:14 PM): my bad i meant sargent
Alderson94 (5:43:45 PM): nice scam btw, i could tell right when you linked those profiles for that price i dont know whats the point of you trying but it didnt even get close to me almost buying
Alderson94 (5:44:13 PM): and you would be smart enough if you went to blackrock pvp rankings and when you type in those names they're invalid so gg.
Alderson94 (5:45:11 PM): owned?
Alderson94 (5:46:25 PM): can you say you got owned?

AIM is Cdkeygal