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WoW! -_-


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rida2478: hey
rida2478: u there?
Foyojo007: yea
rida2478: ok we talked right?
Foyojo007: yea
rida2478: ok so u wana trade?
Foyojo007: do u even remember what i have?
rida2478: nope but i will take anything thats 60 what do u got?
Foyojo007: i had a shaman
rida2478: o ya i rember u
Foyojo007: do i even get to try ur guy out or see him in game?
rida2478: ya
rida2478: i showed u ct
rida2478: o ya r u OO?
Foyojo007: we already talked abotu this
Foyojo007: im not but i know the kid who is
Foyojo007: and he wont recall on u thats what i said
rida2478: o ya ok so u wana trade?
Foyojo007: sure
Foyojo007: u first
rida2478: ok my name is justinstans
rida2478: r u just gona log on WoW.com?
rida2478: ?
Foyojo007: sure
rida2478: ok whats ur name?
Foyojo007: whast the password for urs?
rida2478: ok my pass is dustinlove24 urs?
rida2478: whats ur info?
Foyojo007: 1 minute im checkin it
rida2478: tell me urs
rida2478: it takes like 5 sec to log in
Foyojo007: that isnt the same username u said b4
rida2478: maybe i told u wrong name idk whats ur info?
rida2478: ?
rida2478: dude r u scamming me
Foyojo007: no
Foyojo007: tryin to find the paper with the info
rida2478: ok hurry plz
Foyojo007: finchies
rida2478: that the name?
Foyojo007: yea
Foyojo007: the pass is nicholas something
Foyojo007: tryin to remember
rida2478: ?
rida2478: numbers?
rida2478: what r numbers
rida2478: ?
Foyojo007: IM THINKING!
Foyojo007: haha
Foyojo007: my dumbshit brother didnt write it down
Foyojo007: were tryin to remember
rida2478: ok well what u think they r?
rida2478: ?
rida2478: u have my info and i dont have urs
Foyojo007: then change urs right now till i remember
Foyojo007: im not tryin to scam u
rida2478: ok think harder
rida2478: what do u think they would be?
rida2478: my ct profile service is down for upgrade
rida2478: sry mt
rida2478: u find out yet?
Foyojo007: nah
Foyojo007: we cant remember it sorry
Foyojo007: u can change ur password : (
rida2478: recall it
Foyojo007: if i recall ill get my rogue back not the shaman
rida2478: ok well do u kno info for any of the 60s u have?
rida2478: like name an pass
rida2478: ?
rida2478: ?
Foyojo007: what server did u say ur warrior was on?
Foyojo007: cuz i dotn wanna trade for it if its not on a good server
rida2478: its on pvp
Foyojo007: which one? haha
rida2478: o frostmane
Foyojo007: sorry sir in the game of scamming u lose
rida2478: huh?
Foyojo007: on that account u gave me theres no characters on frostmane
rida2478: im a scammer how bout u r u logged on my accoutn without giving me any info now u will give me ur info or u will get reported to markee and police
rida2478: so...?
rida2478: ok doesnt matter u never gave me ur info
rida2478: so u best
Foyojo007: first off i dont think the police care....secondly im not scamming u i told u that u can change ur password at annytime i dont really care....thirdly i was making sure that u actually had a character there and now that i see u dont and caught u in a scam ur tryin to flip the script?
rida2478: it has a 60 on it
rida2478: so give me a account scammer
Foyojo007: TAKE UR OWN ACCOUNT BACK AND [censored]
Foyojo007: stop tryin to get one of mine cuz its not gunna happen
rida2478: no u will give urs i never gave u permisson to log onto my account
Foyojo007: wow if u dont [censored] im just gunna post this on markee
rida2478: ok go ahead u r the one trying to scam me
Foyojo007: OMFG
Foyojo007: r u stupid?
Foyojo007: i told u i dont want the info u gave me
Foyojo007: change it to whateevr u want
Foyojo007: i dont want it
rida2478: give me ur account
Foyojo007: i didnt do anything exept look if u had a guy on the server u said and it turned out to be a lie
Foyojo007: [censored]
Foyojo007: ur not gettin my account
rida2478: not blanck fukin retard now u will give me ur account or u will get reprted to policwe
Foyojo007: go for it
rida2478: ok enjoy
Foyojo007: what r u gunna tell them?
rida2478: that u stole my name and pass and then u logged onto my account without permisson so u better ive me it
Foyojo007: kid....the jakes have better things to do like murders and rapes they dont care about ur [censored] wow account
Foyojo007: and i ddint even log onto it i went on wow.com
Foyojo007: and looked
rida2478: sure bout that? i got some1 in trouble already woth cops
Foyojo007: and secondly u willingly gave me the info
rida2478: no u made me
Foyojo007: i dont care i already have been nothin new to me
rida2478: so whats urs?
Foyojo007: WOULD U [censored]
Foyojo007: how old r u?
rida2478: no
rida2478: 12
Foyojo007: exactly
Foyojo007: [censored]
rida2478: o ok give me ur account or i will report u to cops
rida2478: ok i will
Foyojo007: i dont care
rida2478: ok
Foyojo007: go ahead go right now to ur mommy and ask her to help u dial the phone
rida2478: ok well w/e
Foyojo007: ur seriously the worst scammer ever
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GG...if i all of a sudden stop posting here im sorry guys the cops came and got me /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif haha


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Rofl thats hilarious^^