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Omg Leroy: dude i want teh frigging warlock
ski4life0093: ugh ill trade u the mage, if i see that ur legit i will throw in the warlock, together
ski4life0093: im just afraid to trade u him b4 i know u
ski4life0093: ill trade u the mage now for ur warrior, once i see ur legit and everything is smooth, ill trade u the warlock too
ski4life0093: so u have the mage and the warlock
Omg Leroy: u have sq/a and i dont
ski4life0093: honestly? i dont have the mage sq/a i just thought u wouldnt wanna trade and think im not legit
ski4life0093: i dont have the mage sq/a and i dont have the warlock sq/a
Omg Leroy: ur lying
ski4life0093: ?
ski4life0093: y would i lie? isnt it a good thing to have the sq/a?
Omg Leroy: idk man
Omg Leroy: just feels kinda weird u'd be like i have it, then say you don't because i don't want to trade you
ski4life0093: well i thought u would want me to have it
ski4life0093: for a 6/8 wrath warrior
Omg Leroy: what would you say if i started trading you though?
ski4life0093: if we traded? i would have gone with it and then a few days later i would be like, i dont have the sq/a, do u want to trade back or are u fine with this, nobody else has access to the account
ski4life0093: its a secure account
Omg Leroy: i see
ski4life0093: i just dont have the sq/a
Omg Leroy: hmm
Omg Leroy: how long you had it
ski4life0093: for about 10 months
Omg Leroy: hmmmm
ski4life0093: if all goes well in the next few days with this trade, i will throw in the warlock too
Omg Leroy: cool
Omg Leroy: brb
ski4life0093: kk
Omg Leroy: back
Omg Leroy: well
Omg Leroy: i guess i will trade you
ski4life0093: cool cool, wanna show in game?
Omg Leroy: can't
ski4life0093: y?
Omg Leroy: my gaming comp. broke down yesterday and im stuck on my work laptop
ski4life0093: alright cool
ski4life0093: cool so wats info?
Omg Leroy: you first
ski4life0093: why me? u cant show in game?
ski4life0093: here
ski4life0093: this will make it easy
ski4life0093: go on www.worldofwarcraft.com
ski4life0093: go on the suggestions forum and make a post on ur guy
Omg Leroy: let me try and load the page
Omg Leroy: erver not found

Firefox can't find the server at www.worldofwarcraft.com.

* Check the address for typing errors such as
ww.example.com instead of

* If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network

* If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure
that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.
ski4life0093: im on firefox...
Omg Leroy: yeah but you gotta understand this computer is just a tad outdated since I really just type up stuff for work on it
ski4life0093: so ur telling me u cant show in game, u cant post on the wow site, and u still expect me to give u my information first?
Omg Leroy: want to do same time?
ski4life0093: cant really do it at the same time
Omg Leroy: because my problem is that if i give info first you can change password and i cant do anything about it
ski4life0093: and u may not even have the character
Omg Leroy: until i got get a new card which i cant till Wed. cause thats when i get paid
Omg Leroy: get*
ski4life0093: screw it dude ur the biggest scammer in the world, like really its funny how bad u are at it, im copying this and pasting it in scammer forums
Omg Leroy: do what you wish
ski4life0093: lol ur an idiot

basically, this guy wont trade if u have the sq/a for ur account, he cant show char in game and cant post on the char on wow forums.....

Omg Leroy on AIM is his name, u would be a fool to even consider trading this guy.

(that above was me acting, i heard he was a scammer and did all of that to give evidence he is a scammer.)