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Worldguru91 -Scammer-


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First convo coming soon, I also fraps it all.

this is from the last few days of our transaction.

zomg111: blizzard restored my account
Worldguru91: Nice
Worldguru91: Have fun
zomg111: ur gonna give me back my hunter then, right
Worldguru91: I gave youn it
zomg111: dude
zomg111: dont [censored] me
zomg111: u didnt
Worldguru91: I D/ed everything to stop you from scamming people
zomg111: lmfao
zomg111: u [censored] [censored] bag
zomg111: how did i scam u
Worldguru91: I paid $100 and got nothing back
zomg111: u [censored] [censored]
zomg111: [censored]
zomg111: U HAD MY HUNTER
zomg111: U [censored] STAIN
Worldguru91: For 5 Days ommm
Worldguru91: Does not cost no 100 for 5 days
zomg111: ur a scammer
zomg111: ur a dirty scammer
zomg111: w/e
zomg111: im sick of wow, and to make sure u did de all the [censored]
zomg111: imma ban the account
Worldguru91: K
Worldguru91: because2!
Worldguru91: Check it
zomg111: ur filth
Worldguru91: Ah ha
zomg111: well ur a scammer and its going on markee
Worldguru91: Okay, I am the scammer but paid $100 and got nothing in return
zomg111: u never lost the hunter
Worldguru91: You said give me the hunter back
Worldguru91: You blamed me for deleting your characters
zomg111: yep cause u did
Worldguru91: When the site said someone did
zomg111: ur a scammer man
zomg111: get over it
Worldguru91: Okay, Have fun I am done with you
zomg111: up urz [censored] bag
Worldguru91: Go get 20 nexus and get your account back
Worldguru91: because2!
zomg111: i pitty u
Worldguru91: Ah ha
Worldguru91: Well Later
zomg111: [censored] of and block me already u lieing, scamming peice of [censored]
Worldguru91: Gonna leave my aim on so leave your stupid comments here
Worldguru91: You got a Free $100 so be happy
zomg111: no i didnt
zomg111: so [censored] u
zomg111: u got ur money back
zomg111: and i got ripped off
zomg111: so how can i be happy
zomg111: u [censored] brain


Worldguru91: Your a scammer
Worldguru91: You changed password on Hunter
zomg111: cause u said i could have it [censored] head
Worldguru91: Well give it back
zomg111: ill take the nexus and start my own ne guy
Worldguru91: I still play him naked, He has over 800 Ranged attack power naked
zomg111: nup he is mine
zomg111: u said i could have him
Worldguru91: So your a scammer?
Worldguru91: I paid for your PLing
Worldguru91: Just give him back
zomg111: AND U D/E ALL MY [censored]
zomg111: [censored] OFF
Worldguru91: But you said I can have it
zomg111: IM SICK OF U
Worldguru91: Okay
Worldguru91: I am banning your Hunter I PLed
Worldguru91: You forgot I know the First and last name on the account
Worldguru91: And the login
zomg111: what is it then
Worldguru91: Sec
Worldguru91: Evan shaw
zomg111: ye ban it
zomg111: i dont care
Worldguru91: okay
Worldguru91: E-mail [email protected]
Worldguru91: Iam doing that now
zomg111: ok
Worldguru91: ThnxPwntscammer
zomg111: i dont care
zomg111: u scammed me
zomg111: so [censored] off
zomg111: ur a theif
Worldguru91: Bye Bye
zomg111: k /we
zomg111: i really could care less
zomg111: cause i dont even play wow anymore
zomg111: so suck my [censored] [censored] face
Worldguru91: Good for you
Worldguru91: I'll still ban it
zomg111: w/e
zomg111: do it
zomg111: I DONT CARE
zomg111: NOW [censored] OFF SCAMMER
zomg111: IM SICK OF U
Worldguru91: I am, Making up some [censored] story now
zomg111: U [censored] ME OVER
Worldguru91: 5
Worldguru91: 4
Worldguru91: 3
Worldguru91: 2
Worldguru91: 1
Worldguru91: SENT
zomg111: wickefd
Previous message was not received by Worldguru91 because of error: User Worldguru91 is not available.

Worldguru91 signed off at 12:03:01 PM.


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What i gather here is a dispute between two possible scammers in which hit both in the [censored].

But you can never tell if the logs are legit or not as well. But when guru was told he got his money back and no response about it hmm tells ya something.
Who knows....


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I think both ur points are fair enough. But...

You see he payed me $100 usd first, I gave him SQA, and Username/Login, then he sent me $250 usd, and everything was cool. But when I woke up, he had disputed the payment. This is what he wrote in the paypal dispute.
"This person sold me a account, I got on it, About 2 Hours later someone told me they sold it to him also, And again and Again, I would like a Refund so i can get my money back he sold it to about 4 People and wont refund them and is going on scamming people"

This I have a problem with cause it isnt true. A person did give him a tell ingame saying "Where do I send the money to". Not he sold me this account like he said up there. I was going to sell it to this person, but he said I couldnt get the money for another 6 days. So I said if i got a better offer, i'd go with it. BUT no, MR Guru put in a dispute, for NO reason.

Then he tried to compensate with 100 usd worth of leveling, and he D/E all my t2 hunters gear.

But he came on AIM last night saying he would pay for powerleveling, and gold (350usd) worth when the dispute closes. So hopefully, he does this.

Ill re-post when what happens. Im trying to make our convo over AIM abit shorter in MB, cause i caught it on fraps. Will upload once I find a site and post it.

So yea. Ty for reading.


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Ok yes Worldguru91 is a scammer, lies and is an idiot

zomg111: i dont need powerleveling, just gold ty
Worldguru91: Nty, I saw that post. You called me a scammer again.
zomg111: No i didnt
zomg111: i want to know how last night u said, u carnt buy the gold cause u dont have the money and will do after the dispute, and now u have 400 usd to buy and account
Worldguru91: And I don't have the hunter. OO Never Emailed me.
zomg111: ill check my email
zomg111: PLUSE, U DE my [censored] for NO reasion, so i want my 350 usd of gold worth as u DE'd it
Worldguru91: I got money now, I bought 3 FT2 Accs
zomg111: ur kidding me
zomg111: u [censored] scamming peice of [censored]
zomg111: ok this is goin on markee
zomg111: i new u would go back on ur word
Worldguru91: and I only got $280.65 USD from paypal
zomg111: well im banning the hunter, and saying a few friends of mine accounts have been scammed... go though the records of IPs that match the person that was logged on when it was DE'd. Do a search on that IP on dif accounts and ull see he has been buying them
zomg111: whcih = ban of all accounts u bought
zomg111: also
zomg111: ur a lier
Worldguru91: [censored]? I still have Dispute money [censored]
zomg111: i got emails saying u got all ur money back
zomg111: so dont try and [censored] me over
zomg111: [censored] buy my gold now
zomg111: oh 280 ay?
zomg111: File Type To/From Name/Email Date Status Details Action Amount Fee
Reversal To Elizabeth Coca 31 Aug. 2006 Completed Details -$87.50 USD $0.00 USD
Reversal To Elizabeth Coca 31 Aug. 2006 Completed Details -$250.00 USD $0.00 USD

zomg111: mm looks like u lie again
zomg111: wants an SS?
Worldguru91: Funny, I tried that. Dont work. So try and banned my accounts.
zomg111: i actually have done it before
zomg111: WHY MUST U BE A [censored] HEAD, JUST BUY MY GOLD AS U [censored] ME OVER
Worldguru91: Meh, GL Post what you want I am done with Markee
zomg111: dude
zomg111: seriously
zomg111: [censored]
zomg111: how do u feel, de'ing my [censored]
zomg111: and not even [censored] giving me atleast 350 usd of gold
zomg111: thats [censored]
zomg111: Im sure the ppl u bought these accounts off might just recall them anyways after this post im making on markee
Worldguru91: Go ahead call me a scammer so I can banned your other account for PLing, I have the Info/Conva and reciept
zomg111: yes
zomg111: but lol
zomg111: u actually dont know the account username
zomg111: lmfao
zomg111: gg
Worldguru91: GG, The PLers gave me it, And it comes in my E.mailed Receipt GG
zomg111: tell me it then
Worldguru91: Came like this... Account name
zomg111: whats the account name?
Worldguru91: Later.
zomg111: see u dont have it
zomg111: well i hope ur accounts get recalled after the post im making
Worldguru91: Ask anyone [censored] you always get the recipt like this. *** out later.
zomg111: w/e scammer ur a tool, u steal my money once u buy my account, then DE it, now wont compensate
zomg111: ur a thief
Worldguru91: Oh one more thing I Transfered them to a new account new server/name so when they recall it'll be blank
Worldguru91: bye
zomg111: lmfao noob
zomg111: they just say
zomg111: he hacked my account and stole my toons
zomg111: GG
zomg111: btw ill find where u live, though ur paypal address, and i know u moved, but from there i can find where u moved to though recored. Sucks to be u as my dad is the cheif of secruity for the Australian Goverment, so either way ur [censored]


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Banned - multiple accounts - scammer - NewYorkerMMO
WoW, You cut so much [censored] out so you dont look like an [censored]. GG on the Edit.... Wanna post the real one?


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WoW, You cut so much [censored] out so you dont look like an [censored]. GG on the Edit.... Wanna post the real one?

[/ QUOTE ]

I have cut nothing out of these convos. They are all straight from what we did. Also uploading out last convo got SS's of it.

If they are fake, why dont u go edit our convos and come back here and post them like i belive u are going to do.


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wait, dam dude look at ur rep.

WoWRetired Negative 08/24/06 traded accts with him.. he also paid me via paypal for gear compensation since my acct was better then his. claimed the acct we traded was hacked etc etc. i can show screenshots of my paypal acct transaction history for extra proof. he even lied and said he "never recieved his internet goods". *associates with bronxdevil95 who is also a known scammer* his current paypal acct is bronxdevil95's previous and/or present acct. message me on aim for more info if needed.
60epicdruid Negative 08/30/06 [censored]. Gave me a blank account made me level a shaman then recalled after i got it 26 on a new server and [censored] spent bout 2 week's is a complete idiot do not trust

Guess this has happened before.