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Who me? Couldnt be...


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Hey just waiting for this guys to say im a scammer but here what just happened between the two of us if you read carefully you can catch his lies. I didnt scam him and never plan to scam anyone. There was an incident between rogue spoken of below and a lock, but that was cleared up. Sorry if someone has thought me to be a scammer.

Master Moonooski: hi
Ern2oo7: hi
Master Moonooski: remember you traded me that warrior?
Master Moonooski: for the rogue?
Ern2oo7: yea the rogue got recalled
Master Moonooski: you mean the warrior?
Ern2oo7: no the rogue u traded me got recalled
Master Moonooski: bullshit
Master Moonooski: im the original owner
Master Moonooski: dont try to play that [censored] with me
Ern2oo7: ok whatever then cos it got recalled
Master Moonooski: no
Master Moonooski: the warrior got recalled
Ern2oo7: i was on it and then i tried to get on and the password doesnt work
Ern2oo7: if ur the orig owner then recall the rogue
Master Moonooski: i did.
Ern2oo7: ok then
Master Moonooski: just, thanks a lot [censored].?
Ern2oo7: for what?
Master Moonooski: for trading me an account that got recalled
Ern2oo7: i didnt recall the warrior, i bought that warrior with my own cash and now i dont have an account so dont ***** about ur problems, cos i had a mage too that i had bought that got stolen from me
Master Moonooski: with 2/8 arcanist?
Ern2oo7: yea
Ern2oo7: i did have one with those im not sure if its the same one
Master Moonooski: good for you
Ern2oo7: well you asked if it had 2/8 arcanist, geez
Master Moonooski: [censored] you and have a very nice day
Master Moonooski: [censored] scammer
Ern2oo7: ok whatever dude