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Who Is This Guy?


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Cim Thugga xxx (6:05:33 PM): im selling it
Cim Thugga xxx (6:05:36 PM): what do you have?
kabarsky321 (6:05:43 PM): 60 ud priest
Cim Thugga xxx (6:05:53 PM): gear?
kabarsky321 (6:05:58 PM): 4/8 prophacy
kabarsky321 (6:06:01 PM): and beni
Cim Thugga xxx (6:06:03 PM): rofl
kabarsky321 (6:06:07 PM): an rest are pre mc blues
kabarsky321 (6:06:22 PM): rofl?, im not the [censored] retard that ask to trade accnts
kabarsky321 signed off at 6:06:25 PM.

why in the hell did he message me lol
he is a terrible speller
and he blocked me /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif
and im not trading only selling my paladin
not for crap geared priest