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when scammers attack PKFREAK SWINGS AND MISSES


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fuzzy bear face: u gonna log in and finish this or what?
pbfreak11112: i sold my shaman last night, no damn account
pbfreak11112: got a blank one? ><
pbfreak11112: well, you wont let me log on the char with 10 rep, and i cant see it ingame, and those two come together in a bad way
fuzzy bear face: nod
pbfreak11112: meh
fuzzy bear face: no big deal
fuzzy bear face: we can do a deal later if u get an account
pbfreak11112: mabe ill buy a rogue...i dont like doing deals with people who dont trust me
pbfreak11112: no offense
pbfreak11112: later


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I've done alot of trades with him and he's not a scammer as far as I know