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Today I have probably one of the nicest accounts ever forsale on this website. Its going cheap because I need the funds.

The account:
VIP: 12
Server: 868
Power single team: 13mil
Power guild wars lineup: 24mil
Number of transcendence heroes: 4
Number of E5 heroes: 16
Multiple maxed out pets
Relics, gear, and guild tech are on par with top tier players.
Every pay skin available has been purchased over the past year+
$600 picture border alone with massive stat increase that is maxed out.
Over 12k into this account!
Finished top eight in Ace all 3 tournaments now with ease.
This is one of the best accounts for cheap you can get, ontop of it an incredible server and tons of active players!

New to this website, send offers. Wanting to move quickly. If you want to avoid the middleman I can use my own people free of charge. I prefer paypal


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