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Watch out for this guy


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[18:11] Tottialamosa: sup
[18:11] *** Auto-response sent to Tottialamosa: Around, message me and I will try and get back to you, busy =/ had some stuff happen today
[18:34] Johnbrown0708: Hello
[18:38] Tottialamosa: sup
[18:38] Tottialamosa: u tradin somin?
[18:39] Johnbrown0708: I had the 6/8 tier 1 hunter, epic hunter quest bow and staff, nef downing guild
[18:39] Tottialamosa: oooooo
[18:39] Tottialamosa: wat server?
[18:40] Johnbrown0708: Lightnings blade, it is a transfer server also
[18:40] Tottialamosa: k
[18:40] Tottialamosa: looking to sell?
[18:40] Johnbrown0708: Yes, hopefully
[18:40] Tottialamosa: how much?
[18:40] Johnbrown0708: But I might be willing to trade for a good acc
[18:40] Tottialamosa: well i have a war
[18:40] Tottialamosa: on chogal
[18:40] Tottialamosa: with rank 12
[18:40] Tottialamosa: spinal reaper
[18:40] Johnbrown0708: Nice
[18:41] Tottialamosa: crul shurok and claw of black drake
[18:41] Johnbrown0708: wow
[18:41] Tottialamosa: fully epic
[18:41] Tottialamosa: all 3 bgs ecaulted
[18:41] Johnbrown0708: Do you have the SQ/A?
[18:41] Tottialamosa: my buddys acc
[18:41] Tottialamosa: traded him my lock
[18:41] Tottialamosa: he like my best friend tho
[18:41] Tottialamosa: so i can get it
[18:41] Johnbrown0708: Okay
[18:42] Tottialamosa: so u interested?
[18:42] Tottialamosa: its human
[18:42] Tottialamosa: names intoxicated
[18:42] Tottialamosa: almost rank 13
[18:42] Johnbrown0708: I am very interested, can I see him ingame?
[18:42] Tottialamosa: in pvp/ned guild
[18:42] Tottialamosa: nef*
[18:42] Tottialamosa: yeah
[18:42] Tottialamosa: u wanna log on it?
[18:42] Johnbrown0708: Sure
[18:42] Tottialamosa: k
[18:43] Tottialamosa: can i log on hunter as well
[18:43] Johnbrown0708: Well, if trying out your warrior means you logging on the hunter I can't do that =( I let somebody yestarday on it and he deleted everything, I might let you on it if you have alot of pos feed back, what is your MD name?
[18:44] Tottialamosa: lucyinthesky
[18:45] Johnbrown0708: It didn't come up when I did a search for it, can you make a post on my thread? the link is http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/132163/an/0/page/0#132163
[18:45] Tottialamosa: so u hve no gear
[18:45] Johnbrown0708: ?
[18:45] Tottialamosa: k
[18:45] Johnbrown0708: Nah,I got the gear back
[18:45] Johnbrown0708: I called blizzard and they got it fixed this morning
[18:45] Tottialamosa: kop
[18:45] Tottialamosa: koo*
[18:48] Johnbrown0708: You have 1 negative man =/ I can't let you log on it now
[18:48] *** Error while sending IM: This user is currently not logged on

At least he bumped my post ^_^