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watch out for ruderna on aim tryed to scam me


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ok so this ruderna ims me saying he wants to trade a 58 horde rogue on firetree for my eq acct i say yes with MM so i use cheazer (which may i mention is the best MM i have ever seen =D) so we both exchange blah blah and then this happens
Cheazer5 (1:41:30 AM): yo
Cheazer5 (1:41:32 AM): he just tried to scam
Cheazer5 (1:41:36 AM): i gave him back his password
Cheazer5 (1:41:38 AM): and he changed it
Cheazer5 (1:41:46 AM): and then hes like "quick, give me his account name and password"
x sXe SAY WHAT (1:41:55 AM): wow what a lameass
Cheazer5 (1:41:58 AM): Cheazer5 (1:37:31 AM): your new password
Cheazer5 (1:37:31 AM): is
Cheazer5 (1:37:33 AM): PASSWORD55
Ruderna (1:38:22 AM): hang on give me his account and passoword
Cheazer5 (1:38:31 AM): his is everquest 1
Ruderna (1:38:37 AM): yeah i know
Cheazer5 (1:38:43 AM): so
Cheazer5 (1:38:46 AM): do you still want to trade?
Ruderna (1:38:52 AM): yeah quick
Cheazer5 (1:39:02 AM): like
Cheazer5 (1:39:02 AM): no
Cheazer5 (1:39:03 AM): lol

so just a warning stay away from ruderna


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After i called him a scammer he repeatedly threatened to kill me and other stuff. This 12 year old kid is probably the most moronic nubcake ever. Steer clear of him at all costs.