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watch out for cchhaazzcchhaazz (aim)


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he was looking to trade his "pladen with judgemt" (lol) for my druid that i put up for trade here. Watch out for this guy, he's obviously a scammer.

cchhaazzcchhaazz: u there
c1 DrunK: yeah
cchhaazzcchhaazz: what u got on wow
c1 DrunK: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/69972/an/0/page/0#69972
c1 DrunK: that
cchhaazzcchhaazz: ok1 min will u be intrested in a ina epic hunter or palden
c1 DrunK: possibly
c1 DrunK: depends on the gear
cchhaazzcchhaazz: well the pladen has judgemt
c1 DrunK: ok, but that doesnt fully answer my question
cchhaazzcchhaazz: what u wna tot know
cchhaazzcchhaazz: he has judgemt set
c1 DrunK: the whole set?
cchhaazzcchhaazz: yes
cchhaazzcchhaazz: the whol set
c1 DrunK: can i see in game?
cchhaazzcchhaazz: i am on my laptop cant
c1 DrunK: lol
cchhaazzcchhaazz: i am just looking for a good quick trade
c1 DrunK: you mean a good quick scam?
cchhaazzcchhaazz: no
c1 DrunK: haha
c1 DrunK: ok kid
cchhaazzcchhaazz: y would i want to scam u
c1 DrunK: if i cant see it in game, then no deal
cchhaazzcchhaazz: i just want to trade
c1 DrunK: umm "i cant show you in game" and "i just want a good quick trade"
cchhaazzcchhaazz: well i cant
cchhaazzcchhaazz: soz
c1 DrunK: those two statements have scam written all over it
cchhaazzcchhaazz: ok
cchhaazzcchhaazz: nm then
c1 DrunK: nice try
cchhaazzcchhaazz: what ever


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the name is similar to Londonboy112233 just because of the repetitive letters. He also kind of types like him too. /shrug. He told me he had a druid with full Stormrage. He tells you he has a paladin with full Judgement. Trys to move the trade quick without even seeing the charecter he is getting. Oh well, someone get his IP and post it please.