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Was scammed


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ok heres the load down, well i was trading with TheZmen (cant spell his name right, well i think) but anyway, she sound like a good guy, so i traded my hunter (lvl 60) and 2 alts (39 rogue and 40 priest) on bloodhoof (he tryd to say its on nother server but i know its not anyway but heres a cov i had with him on aim

Riotah: well m8, i put my hat to u scamming my hunter but sry to say but i got the account locked
riordan565: ??
Riotah: u know what iam on about the wcrad account
riordan565: ??
riordan565: Who are u..?
Riotah: iam the guy u ripped off
Riotah: remmber flidais
riordan565: I didnt rip anyone of.. how u get my AIM?
Riotah: we traded my hunter for ur rogue/mage
riordan565: ..?
riordan565: How u got my aim?
Riotah: i have u on msn as well, we traded my hunter for ur rogue and mage(done by msn)
riordan565: ?
Riotah: the dutchwolf account
Riotah: for my hunter account
riordan565: WHO THE [censored] ARE U AND WHAT DO U WANT?
riordan565: I never had a hunter!

Riotah: 2 mins
riordan565: ?
Riotah: http://www.markeedragon.com/u/ubbthreads...=true#Post69441
Riotah: that hunter with the 39 rogue and 40 priest (btw u listed it on the wrong server) was mine, i got it locked
Riotah: so no more damage can be doone to it
Riotah: u traded it for ur lvl 60 rogue and lvl 55 mage
riordan565: roflmao
riordan565: It wasnt mine anyway
riordan565 loged off 16:32.

well yes i was abit up frount but anyway, i know hes done a few nice things in the past but thing is he tryed to scam me out of my hunter, he changed all my details and toke his rogue/mage back and tryed to tell them off in nother post.
well he even gave me the wrong details to his account, only real things that was right was the account/password

well i got my hunter account locked and i have a screenshot of some of the details that was changed, (i got ahold of the account details off a guy that got my account off TheZmen)
well heres a link (i know screenshots cant say anything but anyway)
notice the e-mail its linked to?

well all i can say is becareful guys with this dude.

well good thing is i emailed WoW asking them to lock my account and ty it was locked, so no more damage casn be done to my hunter or alts