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ThexLegend - Banned by Dodger

BANNED - Do not buy, sell or trade with this user.
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just to let everyone know. if there is a post here about me scamming. its 2 of these traders who claim ( with No proof at all) that im a scammer. even tho i have perfect feedback. i already talked to hinigashi and another top trader about this. they know i am a perfect trader and will back me up. the guy who might post is a wow gamer yet he claims he never trades. hes making a new SN just to post this. i respect all others. and i wont sit here and call anyone random person a scammer. but the guy i did trade with aim:gTh rETH O3. has friends that shares accounts and the ones i got are shared. but i wont be an idiot and call him a scammer. i still have my account thankfully. i have his warrior ONLY becuase his friend gave me a HUGE threat. i have aim proof. he even claimed of having MY IP address..thats serious. ( hacker). so its a huge mess which im tryng to clean up early.
what happened? i traded with him an wow account. the 1st trade went well, then his post said he might give mage and warrior IF the char is good enough. he claims my char is perfect, and in his home server. etc. so i asked for the mage also. since my char is very well. he says let me think about it. then says no lets exchange back. so then he says ok here is the new PW. trade1234. or ozzy123. those dont work..so then he freaks out. WASTES my TIME and im here tryng to figure it out all night also. so then we called it a night. then today, he AGREED of if i get the char back, he will GIVE ME the warrior and mage. HE AGREED, if i get gim back. He will give me both accounts. ( i have aim proof also). so i call blizz luckily i got it back. then when i told him. his friend im's me and gives me all this [censored]. anyways here are the aim loggs.

gTh rETH O3: i want your damn hunter
gTh rETH O3: i had already applyed to my old guild
risender45: sec
gTh rETH O3: if you have him ill trade kyota
gTh rETH O3: ive got more freinds on thunderlord anyway
gTh rETH O3: i'v gotta go out for about an hour
gTh rETH O3: ill talk to you when I get ba ck
risender45: k back sorry
risender45: whats up
risender45: ah ok
gTh rETH O3: nvm im not going just yet
risender45: ah ok
risender45: well if i can get the hunter back sure.
risender45: hm..
risender45: ok ima call blizz now
gTh rETH O3: ok
risender45: what did u tell em last time?
risender45: that they helped u?
gTh rETH O3: it was a long time ago and they guy was really nice..but I just told the guy that I didn't know my sqa and when he asked for the cd key I said hold on Ill go look for it
gTh rETH O3: and I took a while in doing that
risender45: sigh*..ill try
gTh rETH O3: and came back and said no sorry I cant find it
gTh rETH O3: and that I probobly lost it
gTh rETH O3: and then I told him ev ery thing there was to know about my account
risender45: but if i get back i can have mage and warrior right? im about to risk my account being banned or suspended..so i will never get it again.
risender45: if you say yes ill fight them
risender45: for it.
risender45: if i have to.
gTh rETH O3: every character every name every lvl and every guild
gTh rETH O3: yeah
risender45: k
gTh rETH O3: mage and war
risender45: ima call em now
risender45: k brb
gTh rETH O3: calling bliz is such a pain in the ass
gTh rETH O3: i think the shortest time I
gTh rETH O3: ive ever had to wait was like 45 min
risender45: ya
risender45: ok got an agent.
risender45: sec
gTh rETH O3: cool
gTh rETH O3: that was fast
risender45: its wed dude lol
risender45: brb
risender45: holy [censored]!.
gTh rETH O3: what
risender45: thank you jesus..for blessing me this wonderful girl
risender45: ok i told her that im the owner.
risender45: ( very risky thing)
risender45: and that i forgot my SQA and threw away my box
risender45: so she then asked for my Name Last HOME address
risender45: email and phone
risender45: which its still under owner's
risender45: she said they can only do this ONCE ( i think she just hooked me up)
risender45: and said shes gonna MAIL me the pw
risender45: but i said wait.
risender45: i cant seem to remember the pw to my email address
risender45: can you send to my new one?
risender45: and puased for a second..
risender45: i was so scared
risender45: then she said alright
risender45: so sec lemem check
risender45: yep its there.
risender45: sec rechanging.
risender45: asked her if i can change email address. she said no. cuz i dont have the full info.
gTh rETH O3: ok
risender45: lemme log in game and see iof everything is fine
risender45: sec
risender45: bro
risender45: he's still in same guild
gTh rETH O3: blightlords?
gTh rETH O3: i didn't leave the guild I just applyed for ED
risender45: O
risender45: alright cool
risender45: k he's there if u want to log in server you can
risender45: send bdawg a tell if you want
gTh rETH O3: ok
gTh rETH O3: sec
risender45: kk
gTh rETH O3: do you think the origional owner might of recalled?
risender45: no.
risender45: had for 3 months bro
risender45: made VET in the guild
risender45: took a while
gTh rETH O3: so what happened?
risender45: if i WOULD of changed address
risender45: of the orig owner
risender45: i would of been screwed
risender45: she did ask what server my main was on i said thunderlord. luckily she didnt ask for anything else
gTh rETH O3: yeah
risender45: so now you know
risender45: the account is perfect status
risender45: just never call again.
risender45: about it
gTh rETH O3: ok
risender45: your friend onthe mage again?
gTh rETH O3: if he wasn't dead in WS that means someone loged on him
risender45: exactly
risender45: and you said someone logged in on him last night right?
gTh rETH O3: no
risender45: and you say you have friends logging in your accounts
gTh rETH O3: not on the hunter
gTh rETH O3: on my mage
gTh rETH O3: I didn't give anyone the PW to my hunter
risender45: so..i think your getting yourself into a mess bro
risender45: so lets just do it.
risender45: before i change my mind
gTh rETH O3: but, someone was on the account. and I didn't give anyone the password
gTh rETH O3: the only person who even knew I traded was invasmani and a freind on thunderlord
risender45: ok, well we both know you had friends playing your accounts.
risender45: so far your side seems fishy.
risender45: but im not stupid
risender45: i wont point fingers
risender45: im not like that.
risender45: you have been true to your word since
risender45: i will give you the same trust and respect.
gTh rETH O3: that would make seince if I had set my password to what it usually is
risender45: maybe you did? i dont know.
risender45: but again
risender45: its safe now.
risender45: i asked a friend
risender45: when was the last tim ei was on
risender45: he said last night
risender45: so we good
gTh rETH O3: how would he of gotten on?
gTh rETH O3: neither of us new the PW
risender45: i dunno. but if i keep thinking about it..it would just freak me out.
risender45: well.
risender45: sigh*
risender45: i dont want to scare you but
risender45: there is such a thing as back door
risender45: and lots of scammers use it on markee
gTh rETH O3: whats that
risender45: ok
risender45: have you EVER recived a picture through aim?
gTh rETH O3: yeah
risender45: like hey heres my hunter
risender45: oh [censored]
risender45: ok
risender45: if they connect with you
risender45: and u click accept
risender45: and OPEn the picture
risender45: or whatever it is
risender45: they have your IP
risender45: which means
risender45: with out you knowing
risender45: they are watching what you see
risender45: keylogger etc.
risender45: they do 2 things mainly
risender45: #1
risender45: they can control your mouse. fry your computer
risender45: make a bloack box
risender45: appear
risender45: with green letters
risender45: like the matrix
risender45: they can say anything to you
risender45: scare you whatever
risender45: now thats just stupid scammers who like to mess with people
risender45: #2 is the serious ones
risender45: they sit there
risender45: watch you all day
risender45: they wait for you to log into your bank account
risender45: paypal;
risender45: whatever
risender45: or game accounts
risender45: they activate Keylogger
risender45: so whatever!! u type
risender45: AIM passwords SN WHATEVER
risender45: they can see
risender45: and save
risender45: even us talking
risender45: even if hes offline now
risender45: and comes back 2 night
risender45: he loggs in your pc
risender45: and see's this conversation
risender45: its called keylogger 2.0 or something like that
risender45: I KNOW this cuz it happened to me 2 times
risender45: and its scary cuz i didnt know what back door was
risender45: like you
risender45: so i didnt know hat to do
risender45: what*
risender45: luckily i did research
risender45: anyways
risender45: so they sit there
risender45: watch you log into game or bank accounts
risender45: then they wait for you to go offline
risender45: then they change pw send money from your bank account to others
risender45: god knows what
risender45: I only know the solution
risender45: which is to REFORMAT your PC
risender45: it will give you a new IP address
risender45: so he wont be able to log back into your pc
risender45: now.
risender45: professional hackers KNOW how to get back in
risender45: but not too easily
risender45: so righ tnow
risender45: you might have 2 people watching you..those who send u those 2 pics
risender45: i dont know
risender45: infact
gTh rETH O3: i really doubt anyone I ever talked to was smart enough to know how to do this
risender45: i posted this yesturday
risender45: watch who you trade with etc.
risender45: i had my friend
risender45: last night
risender45: REFORMAT BOTAH his pc's
risender45: im still waiting for him to get online
risender45: the hacker did same thing
risender45: changed his swg account info and pw
risender45: and a message box
risender45: saying hahah i got you
risender45: or whatever
risender45: so i told him to reformat ASAP
risender45: havent been online for a day now...wondering what happened to him.
risender45: its simple
risender45: connect
risender45: send picture
risender45: you open
risender45: bam done
risender45: plus
risender45: more skilled hackers can also do
risender45: click connect
risender45: you accept
risender45: they go to um.
risender45: run
risender45: type /div or something
risender45: and they can see your ip or who is connected to who
risender45: so that another risk factor
risender45: i say
risender45: to all my friends
risender45: NEVER accept pictures
risender45: if they cant show u in game
risender45: or refuse for u to pay to see
risender45: something is UP
risender45: now, what i do know is. you had friends log in and play all your accounts. me? i did trade with you. and i was legit no probs. everyone says the same. same with you.
risender45: now im not blaming this on you
risender45: god knows what happened
risender45: but so far what i meanis
risender45: i have the upper hand here. and i dont intend to use it.
risender45: im being fair and i want us to trade so you can have the hunter.
risender45: i called and risked My epic account itself
risender45: now if you want to doubt you can. but all i know is that you have friends playing your accounts.
risender45: i didnt.
risender45: and once again im not blaming you..it could be anything..too many possiblilities.
gTh rETH O3: they are all RL freinds
risender45: ok but they are human
gTh rETH O3: yeah
risender45: human = sin itself
risender45: bro im not mad at you
risender45: i got the account back
risender45: im happy
risender45: i want to make you happy
risender45: by giving you a char in your home server
risender45: i just want a mage. so that way we can both be happy.
gTh rETH O3: would you take just the mage?
gTh rETH O3: or possibly the mage + rogue
risender45: we agreed on the warr and mage bro.
gTh rETH O3: yeah but last night you said you just wanted the mage
risender45: doesnt matter. we agreedon warr and mage.
risender45: but lets just be happy i got him unharmed. so shall we continue?
risender45: and again if any doubts. you can always contact me.
gTh rETH O3: sec
risender45: alright.
risender45: whats going on?
gTh rETH O3: was talking to my freind about weather I should trade or now
gTh rETH O3: not*
gTh rETH O3: he asked for your sn
risender45: on aim?
risender45: he may contact me if he wish's
gTh rETH O3: yeah
risender45: tell him im planning on keeping and playing the mage from the remainder of my wow time. so hell be in good hands.
gTh rETH O3: hes pissed about me even thinking about trading warrior+mage
gTh rETH O3: would you really even play the warrior?
risender45: hey
risender45: Tha1NOnlyATM
risender45: is that him?
gTh rETH O3: yeah
gTh rETH O3: why what did he do
risender45: Tha1NOnlyATM: Look I dont know what you're trying to pull but I will make sure that you never ever trade an account again as I am going to be posting on Markeedragon that you are a scammer. I have copies of your comversations with Kyota where you say you dont have the hunter and warrior account but then you admit to having them later on when he asks you to trade
risender45: Tha1NOnlyATM: You can either A.) Give the warrior account to him back as he owns it rightfully.
Tha1NOnlyATM: B.) Give him the hunter as in a fair trade for the warrior
risender45: excuse me?
Tha1NOnlyATM: or C.) Find yourself a good lawyer
Tha1NOnlyATM: Dont play dumb we talked yesterday
Tha1NOnlyATM: you know very well who I am.
risender45: he needs to stop now.
risender45: i have the top 3 traders as my friends. my rep wont be ruined. and that he doesnt know what he is getting into.
gTh rETH O3: hmm
gTh rETH O3: I think we should just trade back, would that be alright with you?
risender45: i cant do that now.
risender45: he just theaten me
gTh rETH O3: what
risender45: my friend. that swhy you dont bring friends into these situationsd
risender45: or let them use accounts.
gTh rETH O3: you cant give the warrior back, because you were threatened?
risender45: yes
risender45: sir
gTh rETH O3: how does that work?
risender45: did u just see what he typed?
risender45: ok
risender45: i give you warr back
risender45: bam my rep is ruined
gTh rETH O3: no, if you give it back neither one of us will poste
risender45: i know you and your friend will ATLEAST type a " be careful he might be a scammer: post.
risender45: and that would just mess everything up
gTh rETH O3: I wont do anything
risender45: well you might not.
risender45: buit he will
gTh rETH O3: and ill stop my freind too
risender45: look what he said
risender45: Tha1NOnlyATM: Look I dont know what you're trying to pull but I will make sure that you never ever trade an account again as I am going to be posting on Markeedragon that you are a scammer. I have copies of your comversations with Kyota where you say you dont have the hunter and warrior account but then you admit to having them later on when he asks you to trade
risender45: he knows THOr and all that he claimns
risender45: claims*
risender45: and he will MAKE SURE i wont trade again
gTh rETH O3: well if you dont trade back he will poste for sure
gTh rETH O3: so this is a matter of you being a nice guy
gTh rETH O3: and you could just change your username
gTh rETH O3: and start over
gTh rETH O3: its not like people wont trade just because you have no rep
risender45: sir i have 6 positives and 5 stars. i have NEVER scammed before..EVER and never intend too.
risender45: if he was NEVER in this situation
risender45: you would of had you warr back
risender45: no problem
risender45: now i just got threaten
risender45: by someone i DONT know
risender45: and CANT trust
gTh rETH O3: Im telling you he wont post if you give me my war back
risender45: im sure the smart traders in markee WILL understand when i post this
risender45: if he does
risender45: i dont want to be mean
risender45: ruin rep
risender45: whatever
risender45: infact i got scammed from my doac 3 days ago
risender45: did i post it?
risender45: no
risender45: i let it go
risender45: i dont ruin peoples life
risender45: nor rep
risender45: they will get it sooner or later
gTh rETH O3: what does this have to do with you giving me my warrior back
risender45: a threat
risender45: my friend
risender45: a threat is serious
gTh rETH O3: well if you dont give me the warrior back you will actually be a scammer
risender45: especially since i dont KNow him at all
risender45: if he was magic or hin then i would understand
risender45: they are #1's along with me traders in markee
risender45: you can search
risender45: they aprove of me
risender45: i aprove of you also.
risender45: but this situation
risender45: what happened
risender45: i cant explain how the hell
risender45: but it did happen
risender45: and all the proof your friend has
risender45: is i logged in last night
risender45: yet i didnt know
risender45: and it wasnt me
risender45: and he has NO proof it was me or that he was even logged in
risender45: i wanted to ignore that
risender45: but..wow a threat with no proof? especially when i KNOW that wasnt me..if he evenb LOGGED in
risender45: so it hurts..it really hurts
risender45: i dont intend to keep warrior for pleasure. i just intend to keep him until this cools down
risender45: make sur ei have security
risender45: my rep wont be ruined by someone who isnt even in this situation
gTh rETH O3: so why wait
gTh rETH O3: what your saying is weather he posts or not nothign is going to happen toy ou
gTh rETH O3: thats not right, you cant just keep my character because my freind is pissed off
risender45: so have you had your friends logged in your accounts before?
gTh rETH O3: yes
gTh rETH O3: a week?
gTh rETH O3: you gonna wait a week
gTh rETH O3: im telling you he wotn post if you give it back now
gTh rETH O3: both me and my freind will post if you dont give it back now
risender45: sir. already have the top 3 traders backing me up.
risender45: and your rep will be ruined cuz of your friend
risender45: so my advise
gTh rETH O3: im a brand new trader
risender45: is to tell him to shut up
risender45: ok
gTh rETH O3: I made my account 2 days ago
gTh rETH O3: I have nothing to loose
risender45: I WAs cool with you
risender45: I WAS
risender45: now he made you look bad
risender45: very bad
risender45: 1 last chance
risender45: tell him to stop
gTh rETH O3: and nothing your freinds can say will take back the fact that you are trying to steal my account
risender45: or you will be screwed.
risender45: i dont want to
risender45: but it will happen
gTh rETH O3: then give it back
risender45: tell him to back off now.
gTh rETH O3: ok
risender45: and take this for advise..NEVER drag your friends into it
gTh rETH O3: Tha1NOnlyATM: and that guy Hini is his friend
gTh rETH O3: tell hini exactly whats going on
gTh rETH O3: dont post yet
gTh rETH O3: hes trying to make a deal
gTh rETH O3: so when exactly do you plan on giving me my account back>
risender45: wel li said a week. but your friend wont take it
risender45: look this has gotten so serious bro.
gTh rETH O3: a week
gTh rETH O3: wtf
risender45: he made this situation so bad
risender45: he claims to have my ip
risender45: my friend
risender45: him having my IP?
gTh rETH O3: he doesent
risender45: that is serious [censored]
risender45: he says he does
gTh rETH O3: ok
gTh rETH O3: but he doesen't
risender45: Tha1NOnlyATM: Its ok Im posting now.
Tha1NOnlyATM: Enjoy
gTh rETH O3: well like you said you have 3 freinds willing to back you up so whats it matter weather he posts or not
risender45: well what really makes me mad..is some guy out of know where acts liek he KNOWS whats going on and all.
risender45: claims all this [censored] yet doesnt have proof.
risender45: my friend
risender45: please.
risender45: i dont want your rep ruined.
risender45: so tell him to back off
risender45: really.
gTh rETH O3: i really dont care if you ruin my rep
gTh rETH O3: there is nothign I can do about him
gTh rETH O3: all I can do is ask him to stop
risender45: yeah then he wont tho,.
risender45: he has beef with me
risender45: a typical human reaction
risender45: you know what
risender45: out of respect.
risender45: no matter what happends.
risender45: since the 1st trade went well
risender45: and all this posting happends
risender45: i wont claim you as scammer. out of respect
risender45: yet i will dog your friend.
gTh rETH O3: wait..
risender45: its your choice if you want to go against me.
gTh rETH O3: why would you say I was a scammer
gTh rETH O3: I have done nothing
risender45: ..
risender45: you really want to get into that?
gTh rETH O3: yes please explain
risender45: my friend.
risender45: you have aim logs admitting you have FRIENDS> loghged IN your accounts..
risender45: that right there..
risender45: all smart traders know..
risender45: thats a pack..
risender45: NOW
gTh rETH O3: whats wrong with letting your freinds play your accounts?
risender45: i ignored that
risender45: so went on
risender45: my friend u tell that to someone who wants to trade with you an epic account..
risender45: you'll get a reaction trust me
risender45: anyway
risender45: so
risender45: we traded
risender45: ALL I DID

risender45: is ask for MAGE
risender45: yo said if char is good enough
risender45: ill give u both
risender45: HE IS IN ur home server
risender45: BAM
risender45: he is TROLL hun
risender45: epic!
risender45: 120% what u were looking for
risender45: I DESERV that mage period.
risender45: now
risender45: i asked nicely
gTh rETH O3: but? the mage + warrior?
risender45: you said let me think about it
risender45: then said no
gTh rETH O3: the warrior was already be tter than your hunter
risender45: so we were going to exchange back
risender45: i was fine with that
risender45: then..
risender45: ok heres the PW
risender45: trade123 or ozzy 1212 or whatever
risender45: ..hm doesnt work.
risender45: so i wasted ALL my time last night
risender45: tryng ot figure out the PW for u
gTh rETH O3: you think I was having fun last night?
risender45: WHI:E
u say your Internet is down..
risender45: ..ok...
risender45: SO
risender45: then claim i was online
gTh rETH O3: why do you think I was talking to you on my cell phone?
risender45: with no proof WHATSO ever
risender45: just a random
risender45: OMG
risender45: your troll is online
gTh rETH O3: the guy you were talking to checked for me
risender45: ok so he SAYS he was online
gTh rETH O3: why would he lie?
risender45: did he take apic of showing HIm being online
risender45: if not then we got nothing
risender45: ok
risender45: so that crazyness happends
risender45: then i had to CALL blizz to get it back
risender45: I WENT through ALLLLL that
risender45: just for a simple exchange
risender45: and i have proof of U AGREEING
risender45: if i get hun back
risender45: U WILL GIVE me warr and mage
risender45: period
risender45: NOW we are here
gTh rETH O3: no, check again
risender45: tell me
gTh rETH O3: at first our trade was JUST war for hunter
risender45: AFTER u basically accuse me
risender45: ME BEING hurt
risender45: still wanting to trade
risender45: NOW we are here
risender45: i have done NOTHING wrong.
risender45: EVEN if u put it in the MIDDLE
risender45: ME alone
risender45: you and your friends sharing accounts
risender45: boom 1 point for me
risender45: WE traded
risender45: 100%
risender45: boom 1 point for and you
risender45: 1 vs 1
risender45: right?
risender45: then
risender45: WHILE u had possession of MY hunter
risender45: omg..the pw isnt working
risender45: i went out f MY WAY
risender45: HOURS of my time
risender45: tryng ot figure out the pw
risender45: SO
risender45: here we go
risender45: i said
risender45: if i GET hun back
risender45: i will get warr and mage??
risender45: u said yes
risender45: OK
gTh rETH O3: but..
risender45: I GOT hunter back
gTh rETH O3: I just said that to see if you had it
risender45: BAM i did my part
gTh rETH O3: The last message was not sent because you are over the rate limit. Please wait until sending is re-enabled and send the message again.

gTh rETH O3: and of course after I say that you suddenly get so lucky and somehow get your hunter back?
gTh rETH O3: with no SQA or cd key?
risender45: boom 1 point for me. 2 VS 1
risender45: haha
risender45: ask your friends
risender45: infact ask some around
risender45: the people who have picked up
risender45: = humans
risender45: they decide
risender45: and
risender45: IF I CAN stgate the NAME last and HOME address email and PHONE
risender45: thats correct since day 1
risender45: THATS like a SQA
risender45: they ask for sqa for extra protection
risender45: But
risender45: if Nothing else
risender45: if u state that
risender45: u will get back.
risender45: if not that person is mean
risender45: my girl did it.
risender45: so its possible.
risender45: and i have aim proof its possible.
gTh rETH O3: whats all this matter anyway..you have your hunter
risender45: yes but everything was FINE
risender45: unitl THIS happened.
risender45: Tha1NOnlyATM: Look I dont know what you're trying to pull but I will make sure that you never ever trade an account again as I am going to be posting on Markeedragon that you are a scammer. I have copies of your comversations with Kyota where you say you dont have the hunter and warrior account but then you admit to having them later on when he asks you to trade
gTh rETH O3: so that makes your the new owner of my warrior?
risender45: you made it happened. your reliable
risender45: so tell me
risender45: how will this end up?
risender45: your friend keeps on going..
risender45: i find no threat in him at all. i just am mad how this situation came to be.
gTh rETH O3: I really dont care any more
gTh rETH O3: keep the [censored] warrior i dont want to deal with this bullshit anymore
risender45: well tell your friend to back off.
gTh rETH O3: i already told you there is nothing I can do about him
gTh rETH O3: we both posted tickets on alleria telling them that the account was stolen and to cancle it for them to do some investigating and untill I can get ahold of the origional owner to recall it for me
risender45: ok
gTh rETH O3: lol
gTh rETH O3: he posted good
gTh rETH O3: hes got you an hini or whatever talking
gTh rETH O3: you telling him to back you up
gTh rETH O3: and hes got you talking about your 3 freinds who are willing to lie for you
risender45: we are done gere.
risender45: here*
gTh rETH O3: your done
gTh rETH O3: but I'm not
gTh rETH O3: you had this planned for a while didn't you
gTh rETH O3: not the whole thing but..
gTh rETH O3: from where I gave you back the hunters PW
gTh rETH O3: which I know it was trade123 or trade1234
gTh rETH O3: yout hought you could pretend that that wasnt it
gTh rETH O3: and keep the warrior for yourself
gTh rETH O3: go check out the post
risender45: LOl i thought it was ozzy1212???
risender45: wow..ok now we are done.
gTh rETH O3 signed off at 2:05:22 PM.

this is his friend.

Tha1NOnlyATM: Look I dont know what you're trying to pull but I will make sure that you never ever trade an account again as I am going to be posting on Markeedragon that you are a scammer. I have copies of your comversations with Kyota where you say you dont have the hunter and warrior account but then you admit to having them later on when he asks you to trade
Tha1NOnlyATM: You can either A.) Give the warrior account to him back as he owns it rightfully.
Tha1NOnlyATM: B.) Give him the hunter as in a fair trade for the warrior
risender45: excuse me?
Tha1NOnlyATM: or C.) Find yourself a good lawyer
Tha1NOnlyATM: Dont play dumb we talked yesterday
Tha1NOnlyATM: you know very well who I am.
risender45: my friend.
risender45: you werent into this from the 1st place. so your opinions dont matter. i have given your friend trust and respect from the 1st time we met
risender45: he ADMITTED he shares accounts with friends
risender45: i had to risk my account by calling without SQA nor cd keys
risender45: and HE agreed on the warr and mage
risender45: HE AGRRED
risender45: if not i wouldnt of called
risender45: so this is none of your concern. and im really mad now.
risender45: and the top 3 markee traders are my friends. so my rep wont be ruined. especially from someone who isnt envloved in the deal.
risender45: now since im matyure about this. i wont say anything unless you enforce it.
risender45: so please walk away from the situation.
risender45: mature*
Tha1NOnlyATM: Sir
Tha1NOnlyATM: Thor and I go way back
Tha1NOnlyATM: over 6 years of business
risender45: i understand
Tha1NOnlyATM: He and I are VERY good friends
Tha1NOnlyATM: so much that I even was a broker with them
Tha1NOnlyATM: in Ultima Online
Tha1NOnlyATM: My oppinion is very valued.
risender45: ok do me a favor
risender45: go to trader feedback
Tha1NOnlyATM: Trust me you will never trade again.
risender45: and see my rating
risender45: TELL me
risender45: How in the world
risender45: am i the enemy here?
risender45: i KNOW you dont have any proof of me scamming
risender45: we traded
risender45: fine
risender45: then
risender45: we wanted to exchange
risender45: HE told me
risender45: hey wait
risender45: my friends logged in
risender45: IN the warr
risender45: AND mage
risender45: he shares accounts
risender45: ok
risender45: to me??
risender45: it coul dbe scammers stealing accounts
risender45: or what not
risender45: but i dont point fingers
risender45: he has been loyal to me
risender45: i still trust him
risender45: so.
Tha1NOnlyATM: Sir
Tha1NOnlyATM: You were on the hunter last night
Tha1NOnlyATM: Kyota's internet was down
Tha1NOnlyATM: I was ont he phone with him
risender45: i was not on it.
Tha1NOnlyATM: I have the conversation ercroded
risender45: my friend.
Tha1NOnlyATM: err Recorded
risender45: as i said
risender45: he HAD friends sharing accounts
risender45: i dont.
risender45: i have the upper hand here.
risender45: ok
Tha1NOnlyATM: He had freinds sharing accounts
risender45: you werent in the situation at all but 1 conversation.
Tha1NOnlyATM: yes that has a lot to do with mysteriously
risender45: so please dont act like you know exactly whats going on.
Tha1NOnlyATM: having his account taken away
Tha1NOnlyATM: and your hunter being put online
risender45: his??
risender45: Mines was also
risender45: and i had to basically BEG for it bac
risender45: k*
risender45: MY epic account that i worked hard on.
risender45: im sure he did also.
Tha1NOnlyATM: Ok now you have both
Tha1NOnlyATM: the warrior
Tha1NOnlyATM: and the hunter
Tha1NOnlyATM: give him the warrior back
risender45: why? you just threaten to mess up my rep
risender45: i cant now.
risender45: i wont.
risender45: after that
Tha1NOnlyATM: Well this conversation
Tha1NOnlyATM: is oging on Markee dragon
risender45: let it.
Tha1NOnlyATM: you just admitted you have both
Tha1NOnlyATM: and you wont give it back
Tha1NOnlyATM: Enjoy.
risender45: what it weill display?
risender45: him admitting
risender45: he shares accounts with friends
risender45: and somehow
Tha1NOnlyATM: Itll display you admitting that you didnt give back his warrior
Tha1NOnlyATM: and that you scammed him
Tha1NOnlyATM: Enjoy.
risender45: my account pw isnt corect
risender45: ok whatever.
Tha1NOnlyATM: Sir you just ADMITTEd
Tha1NOnlyATM: Either you give the warrior back right now
risender45: now i do. and i WOULD give it back. but you JUST threaten me.
risender45: you said
risender45: i will make sure you wont trade again
risender45: hm
Tha1NOnlyATM: or I promise you will never EVER trade accounts then again
risender45: so give him back warrior
risender45: then have you spam?
risender45: no way.
Tha1NOnlyATM: Give the warrior back
Tha1NOnlyATM: and I promsie
risender45: i need security you wont do that.
Tha1NOnlyATM: you wont hear from me again
Tha1NOnlyATM: I just want him to have his warrior back
Tha1NOnlyATM: thats all.
Tha1NOnlyATM: You do that and Im gone
Tha1NOnlyATM: I do not have all day to play games
Tha1NOnlyATM: Either you are going ot give the warrior back or not
Tha1NOnlyATM: please answer this now
risender45: sir your not in this situation. i will talk it over with Reth. he is the owner of the account and this situation
risender45: good day.
Tha1NOnlyATM: Sir it is my situation
Tha1NOnlyATM: Kyota is a guildmate of mine
Tha1NOnlyATM: and a friend
Tha1NOnlyATM: So are you going to give it back
risender45: as i said before. im talking with the person who was REALIABLE for my account. who HAD possession when this happened.
Tha1NOnlyATM: Its Reliable
Tha1NOnlyATM: Just to let you knwo
Tha1NOnlyATM: err know
Tha1NOnlyATM: Sir I am going to contact Thor now
Tha1NOnlyATM: This is your last opportunity to save your reputation
Tha1NOnlyATM: I have both character names
Tha1NOnlyATM: and your SN
Tha1NOnlyATM: and now your IP
risender45: again another threat
Tha1NOnlyATM: Yes
Tha1NOnlyATM: Against scammers I must threaten
risender45: ok i ask one more time
risender45: are you threatening me?
Tha1NOnlyATM: As you have scammed him out of his account
Tha1NOnlyATM: No Im promising
risender45: ok
Tha1NOnlyATM: I dont like scammers
Tha1NOnlyATM: Its just like the real world
Tha1NOnlyATM: some people have to help the innocent
Tha1NOnlyATM: and you're one of the bad guys
Tha1NOnlyATM: You have both accounts
Tha1NOnlyATM: You have admitted to it
Tha1NOnlyATM: You have slipped up in so many ways
Tha1NOnlyATM: and you REFUSE to give the account back to the rightful owner.
risender45: my friend. say what you wish. my rep says it all in markee and i wont let someone uninvloved ruin it.
Tha1NOnlyATM: As a result I will post on Markee dragon right now
risender45: and plus you threaten me in so many ways
risender45: PLSU you admit you can hack
risender45: my friend
risender45: good bye
Tha1NOnlyATM: Yes because you wont retrun the account
risender45: no
Tha1NOnlyATM: How did I admit I can hack.
Tha1NOnlyATM: Explain
risender45: i didnt say no i wont
Tha1NOnlyATM: Your IP is very simple to get
risender45: ok
risender45: you have my personal info
Tha1NOnlyATM: Thats not hacking
risender45: read about the law my friend
Tha1NOnlyATM: IP is not personal information
risender45: anyways
Tha1NOnlyATM: enjoy my friend
risender45: i told him
Tha1NOnlyATM: I am posting htis conversation.
risender45: once i have security
risender45: as in i dont see you post any of this bull
risender45: i will give him back the warrior
risender45: ONCE I HAVE security
risender45: if you would of NEVER imed me..he would of had his warrior
risender45: so ima tell him to thank you
risender45: now.
Tha1NOnlyATM: Look either youre going to give it back
Tha1NOnlyATM: or not
risender45: i dont intend to keep the warrior for pleasure. he will sit there for 1 week. if noithing is up hes back to him.
Tha1NOnlyATM: You have both accounts
Tha1NOnlyATM: Nope sorry doesnt work like that
Tha1NOnlyATM: Im not willing ot let him get screwed for a week
Tha1NOnlyATM: You can either give himt he warrior back now
Tha1NOnlyATM: or Im going to post
Tha1NOnlyATM: thats not a threat thats a promise.
risender45: go ahead and post. wont do anything. i promise you that.
risender45: infact
risender45: already talking to the best top 3 traders in markee
risender45: now 4
risender45: and thwy are going to back me up
Tha1NOnlyATM: I dont care.
risender45: so thanks
Tha1NOnlyATM: Let them.
risender45: and enjoy
risender45: you and your friend
Tha1NOnlyATM: When I post well see who backs you up
risender45: are offcially scammers to me
risender45: thanks
risender45: for ruining his rep
risender45: idiot
Tha1NOnlyATM: I dont trade accounts sorry.
risender45: OH
risender45: so now you DONT trade??
Tha1NOnlyATM: Nope
risender45: OHH ok we have a situation here
risender45: brb =)
risender45: my friend
risender45: do you know the famous Hinigashi?
risender45: one of the top traders
risender45: well get this
risender45: hinigashi: who they ganna belive lol
hinigashi: so what he cant do jack [censored]
risender45: as i said
risender45: go away.
Tha1NOnlyATM: Its ok Im posting now.
Tha1NOnlyATM: Enjoy
risender45: kk
risender45: risender45: just back me up please
risender45: hinigashi: ok i got an instance
hinigashi: speak later?
risender45: so try your best.
Tha1NOnlyATM: Again last opportunity
Tha1NOnlyATM: I talked with hini
Tha1NOnlyATM: I am sending him screenshots of our conversation
Tha1NOnlyATM: he said he will make a decision after hearing bothsides
Tha1NOnlyATM: I am also posting these screenshots ont he web
Tha1NOnlyATM: and a copy of our entire conversation
Tha1NOnlyATM: and your conversation with the other party invovled.
Tha1NOnlyATM: Thank you for your time.
risender45: my friend you have nothing. im not worried one bit. so please save your typing.
risender45: thanks
Tha1NOnlyATM: Ok we shall see
Tha1NOnlyATM: Last chance before I post.
risender45: tha.
risender45: if you post
Tha1NOnlyATM: Mind you Kyota has screenshots of all the times you beg him for me not to post and that you wish to make a deal
risender45: i hope you dont have pos points nor a great rep
risender45: cuz that would be a waste
risender45: PLUS
risender45: i have aim proof
risender45: if u make new SN
risender45: = your up to something
risender45: so
Tha1NOnlyATM: If I make a new sn?
Tha1NOnlyATM: what
risender45: your digging yourself into deeper [censored]
Tha1NOnlyATM: I dont care
Tha1NOnlyATM: I dont trade accounts
Tha1NOnlyATM: Never have
risender45: ...
Tha1NOnlyATM: never will
risender45: yet your in markee?
Tha1NOnlyATM: Nope I just registered today
risender45: ha..
Tha1NOnlyATM: as a matter of fact.
risender45: HAHAHAHAH
risender45: omg..
risender45: sir
risender45: you dont know how markee works do you????
risender45: a noob stating this??
risender45: My friend...they DONT LISTEN to noobs
risender45: proof or not
risender45: ok i get it
risender45: so u say u dont trade
risender45: U SAY
risender45: we dont know if your a scammer or not
risender45: ok =)
Tha1NOnlyATM: Sir Im nto a scammer
Tha1NOnlyATM: You are
Tha1NOnlyATM: I just want the warrior account back for my friend
Tha1NOnlyATM: that you took from him
Tha1NOnlyATM: you admitted you have it
Tha1NOnlyATM: and you wont give it back
Tha1NOnlyATM: Thats scamming.
Tha1NOnlyATM: Anyway you slice it
risender45: haha
risender45: my friend
risender45: the aim photo's i have
risender45: i got 2 positive points while he has 1
Tha1NOnlyATM: Thats fine
Tha1NOnlyATM: you post your photos
Tha1NOnlyATM: Ill post mine.
risender45: yes so i will say this one last time
risender45: your wasting your time
risender45: kid
Tha1NOnlyATM: Not really.
Tha1NOnlyATM: I dont have time to waste
Tha1NOnlyATM: Doesnt matter to me
risender45: ok so stop talking
Tha1NOnlyATM: Im just putting the word out there to be careful of you.
risender45: lol
risender45: please
risender45: wont affect me at all
risender45: besides
risender45: i got me an account im happy with.
risender45: so it wont affect me at all either way
risender45: til lthis day i have had nothiong but positive feedback. my friend thats RARE
risender45: ok. and you..mr Nothing cannot do anything to ruin it
risender45: infact I WANT u to post this convo
risender45: so everyone can laugh
risender45: and if you dont
risender45: i will
risender45: the correct version
risender45: gTh rETH O3: I really dont care any more
gTh rETH O3: keep the [censored] warrior i dont want to deal with this bullshit anymore\
risender45: look what u just did.
risender45: so its done
risender45: risender45: well tell your friend to back off.
gTh rETH O3: i already told you there is nothing I can do about him
risender45: the rest is in your hands
risender45: he told you to STOP
risender45: forget about it
risender45: as in its all dropped
risender45: so
risender45: i win again
Tha1NOnlyATM: I told you I wouldnt post
Tha1NOnlyATM: if you gave it back
risender45: sir
risender45: shall i repost?
Tha1NOnlyATM: Its ok
Tha1NOnlyATM: Im done wasting my time
risender45: gTh rETH O3: I really dont care any more
gTh rETH O3: keep the [censored] warrior i dont want to deal with this bullshit anymore
Tha1NOnlyATM: trying to negotiate
Tha1NOnlyATM: with scum like you
risender45: LOl scum like me?
risender45: anyways.
Tha1NOnlyATM: LOL He said that cuz you wouldnt give it back
risender45: tell me
Tha1NOnlyATM: hes tired of your drama
risender45: if u have respect for a human being
risender45: what is your WOW char name and guild?
Tha1NOnlyATM: Thats none of your business.
risender45: why?
Tha1NOnlyATM: My reputation or character is not on trial here
risender45: affraid ill elarn something bad about it?
risender45: OH
risender45: and you are??
Tha1NOnlyATM: Youre mistaking the situation
risender45: my friend
risender45: you have no proof
risender45: and no backup
risender45: good bye
Tha1NOnlyATM signed off at 1:47:31 PM.

Warning to all. and again if you really look at it. i win either way. 2 points for me he has 1.

i traded successfully. 1 point for me and him. i got back hunter and he agreed to give me both warrior and mage, so i did my part. thats 2 points for me. he has 1. so no matter how you see it. i did nothing wrong. again i intend to do successful trades from the remainder of my markee life. thanks for reading.