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Warning: WoWneRd711


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Well i was looking for a friend who used 2 names for some reason and i knew it was WoW(somin) so i tried this one which was on my friends list for some reason (you know when you talk to new people on AIM they auto-add it for some reason.... i should be clearing it.)
anyway here is what happend:

WoWneRd711: Hi
WoWneRd711: U msg'd me?
hinigashi: yes is this justin?
WoWneRd711: Yes
hinigashi: oh hey dude!
WoWneRd711: Hey!
hinigashi: can you give me the SQA for rogue?
hinigashi: or wait till i got SQA for the mage?
WoWneRd711: Dude i forgot the info for the rogue =(
WoWneRd711: Im a tard
WoWneRd711: What was it again?
hinigashi: what do you mean?
WoWneRd711: I forgot the info for the accnt.
WoWneRd711: What was it?
WoWneRd711: I have to check something on it.
WoWneRd711: Will take 1 second.
hinigashi: ok im not sure if its justin lol question, whats your main AIM name?
hinigashi: so why you lieing?
hinigashi: lol why is a scammer doing on my friends list o_O
hinigashi: eww

i dont understand why he did that /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif but at the end he sent me another AIM saying he was kidding.... is that funny?